Information about staff members is required for the daily administration of the District, for implementing salary and other personnel policies, for budget and financial planning, for responding to appropriate inquiries about employees, and for meeting the School Committee's education reporting requirements. To meet these needs, the Superintendent will accurately maintain a personnel folder for each present and former employee.  These records shall be kept in the central administration office. In addition to the application for employment and references, the folders will contain records and information relative to compensation, pay-roll deductions, evaluations, and any other pertinent information.

The Superintendent will be the official custodian for personnel files and will have overall responsibility for maintaining and preserving the confidentiality of the files within the provisions of the law.

Personnel records are considered confidential under the law and will not be open to public inspection. Access to personnel files will be limited to persons authorized by the Superintendent to use the files for the reasons cited above.

Each employee will have the right, upon written request, to review the contents of his/her own personnel file within 5 business days, and shall be given a copy of his/her personnel record within 5 business days of submission of a written request for such copy to the employer.

Employees may make written objections to any information contained in the file. Any written objection must be signed by the staff member and will become part of the employee's personnel file. Further, the Superintendent shall notify a staff member within 10 days after a negative comment is placed in the staff member's file. The Superintendent upon written request from the staff member shall provide an opportunity to review the personnel record within 5 business days of such request. The Superintendent is not required to allow an employee to review his/her personnel record on more than 2 separate occasions in a calendar year. Notification and review caused by placing negative information in the personnel record does not count as 1 of the 2 annual permitted reviews.  

Legal Refs.  M.G.L. Ch. 149:52C

Adopted: June 6, 2013