Raspberries (fresh)

Blackberries (fresh)

Blueberries (fresh)

20 lb. Chicken Breasts 

8 Whole Chicken

20 lb Chicken Wings

5 Whole Turkeys

20 lb Ground Chicken

20 lb Chicken Thigh Meat

10 lb Italian Sausage Bulk

20 lb Ground Beef

20 lb Frozen Fish Fillets (not Breaded, like Tilapia, Salmon, Yellowfin Tuna, Catfish, Snapper)

20 lb Pork Chops

20 lb Pork Loin

20 lb Pork Ribs

10 lb Frozen Hamburger Patties

5 Bags Chicken Nuggets

10 Large Family Size Can of Tuna

10 lb Brown Rice

10 lb Dried Pinto Beans

10 lb Dried Kidney Beans

10 lb Split Pea

5 Large Jars Pasta Sauce/Marinara

5 Large Peanut Butter

5 Large Jelly or Preserves

40 Apples

40 Oranges

40 Cuties

40 Stone Fruit

4 Boxes Small Assorted Chips (individual bags)

8 Loaves Wheat Bread 

8 Loaves White Bread

4 Loaves Sourdough Bread

4 Packs Hawaiian Rolls

6 Large French Loaves

4 dz Hot Dog Buns

4 dz Hamburger Buns


  • Open drop off hours are 9am-11am Monday-Friday at Door of Hope's main location at 669 N. Los Robles Ave., Pasadena, CA
  • If you can't make the open drop off hours, please email for details on how to schedule a drop off time.


  • Take items to the front porch, ring the doorbell, and leave to maintain social distancing.
  • If you have a large load, please pull to the back McGrew Alley (off of Orange Grove and Parke). Then call our in-kind manager’s cell phone (provided when you email
  • Please email after you make a drop off.

If you would like to order groceries for our families:

  • If you would like to order items to be delivered please have them sent to Door of Hope at 669 N. Los Robles Ave., Pasadena, CA 91101
  • Email with your receipt so we know when it will arrive.