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ADC-IARPC Semantics WG 2020-11-17

ADC-IARPC Vocabularies and Semantics Working Group


Meeting Agenda & Minutes


2020-11-17 20:00 UTC (01:00 PM MST and 21:00 CET)


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  1. Participants
  1. Rebekah Ingram, Shannon Christoffersen, William Manley, Allison Gaylord, Chantelle Verhey, Øystein Godøy, Siri Jodha Singh Khalsa
  1. Adoption of agenda
  1. Adopted.
  1. Review of minutes of previous meeting
  1. 2020-10-20
  1. Øystein to discuss status with Ruth.
  2. If approved by Ruth, Øystein will publish the minutes.
  1.  Review of open action items
  1. NA
  1. A paper/report on the Polar Vocabularies Questionnaire
  1. Pier Luigi is exploring this with support from Ruth, Mark and Øystein.
  1. Link to responses: Polar Vocabularies (Responses)
  2. See previous minutes for details.
  3. Update on status
  1. Not sure on status.
  2. Rebekah will check status with Pier Luigi.
  3. Pier Luigi indicated a white paper rather than a regular paper.
  1. Polar Semantics Planning Matrix updates
  1. The matrix is available at Matrix of metadata harvesting relationships
  2. The matrix and other materials from this family of meetings are being documented in these two papers:
  1. PDPS White Paper Draft - Harvesting Portion
  1. Update on status
  1. Øystein will check status with Ruth. Check with Amos as well.
  1. PDPS White Paper Draft - Recommendations Portion
  1. Update on status
  1. Øystein to check status.
  1. Following discussions on the 2020-08-18 meeting, discuss definitions of data and datasets that could be used in the Arctic Community
  1. The purpose is to achieve definitions that are useful in communication with data providers (i.e. scientists and agencies), including indigenous communities
  2. Background material
  1. The UN Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development Implementation Plan v2.0. (See glossary for definitions of data, information, knowledge, and digital knowledge ; note we had to tone down the technical aspects as this document goes to the GA) : 
  3. If necessary establish a task team to elaborate on suggestions. Pier Luigi is pushing this.
  1. Update on status
  1. Pier Luigi and Rebekah are pushing this.
  2. Rebekah gave an update. The challenge is how to be inclusive without diluting the definition.
  3. Siri Jodha has some concern on the approach following the DIKW model. Discussions continue, preferably in the dedicated Slack channel, but also using email and Twitter where Rebekah and Pier Luigi are active.
  1. Regular interoperability workshops debriefs and plans
  1. Lessons learned in the September 2nd workshop that should be further discussed
  2. Polar practices recommendations for implementing is the short term goal
  3. Last meeting was November 5th
  1. Update on status
  1. Next meeting December 9th, 21:00 UTC.
  2. Rebekah will contact Pip or Amos on this.
  1. Awareness updates (roundtable)
  1. Øystein informed about the WMO Data Conference
  1. Next meeting
  1. Agreed to do the third Tuesday of the month, at 20:00 UTC (21:00 CET, 15:00 EST, 13:00 MST).
  1. Next meeting will be Tuesday 15th December.
  2. Øystein will create a calendar invite.
  1. Since not everyone is using Slack, emails should be circulated for each meeting.