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AAIM Listserv Policies/Procedures/Etiquette (Published to Website)
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AAIM Listserv Policies and Procedures


  1. Members will automatically be subscribed to the listserv when the Membership Chair receives the membership application after dues have been paid and/or before fall if joining at spring conference.
  2. The membership application lets members choose to receive the listserv emails either at home or at school email addresses.
  3. The AAIM listserv is a ‘members only’ list.
  4. AAIM must not take sides on political issues without jeopardizing its nonprofit status. Do not show bias when posting about legislation.
  5. Commercial/vendor members will receive one email subscription to the list but should not solicit sales using the list.
  6. The purpose is to form a network of library professionals that can share information of a library/technology nature that fits with the goals and objectives of the AAIM organization.
  7. Members should contact the Membership Chair (Kayci Hardnett) about their listserv problems; the Membership Chair will share these with the Moderator and/or the List Manager as appropriate after deeming the subscription is current.
  8. Subscribers will be automatically deleted from the list when delivery errors have been reported for a period of 4 days or more.  
  9. If you are inadvertently unsubscribed, contact the Membership Chair (Kayci Hardnett).





List Etiquette-


  1. Only post items relating to library and technology topics aligned with the goals and objectives of the AAIM organization.
  2. Posting items for those who are not members should be in collaboration with non-members. For example, posting a question for a social studies teacher in conjunction with a collaborative research project. It is a ‘members only’ list.
  3. Job vacancies in the library or technology field may be posted by you for your school, agency, or other related organization.
  4. Use a signature line on your email that reflects your name, grade levels, school name, and city. All posts should contain a signature line in order to help facilitate responses.
  5. When applicable, collect replies to your question or query and then post a list of the responses back to the AAIM list for sharing of ideas.  Remove names and identifying information on your responses shared with the list.
  6. Do not post PowerPoints, photos, or other documents without the permission of the owners.
  7. Do not post any item of an inflammatory nature that might panic the group or start undue rumors of secondhand information. Do not post information unless you know it is truthful and reliable.
  8. Commercial Reps are not allowed to solicit sales on the list. Posts related to special offers available at or during AAIM’s annual conference are allowed once per conference.
  9. No political posts except for information only and then you must take out any parts that reflect bias.  AAIM must not take a stand on legislation.
  10. Make sure to provide an updated email address for the listserv. If you know you will be moving, leaving the district, or retiring, provide a personal email address so that AAIM emails are uninterrupted. Requests for updates to email addresses can be sent to the Membership Chair, Kayci Hardnett.
  11. Use the search feature to locate threads from topics that have been posted about before.  (I've included a screenshot of the bottom of our e-mails that shows how to find previous posts and the option to opt out.)