Asbestos Management Plan - Available for Inspection

All schools in the State of Illinois, both public and private, are required to be inspected for asbestos-containing materials and must have a written plan with a timetable to address any hazards which may exist. Riverton CUSD #14 buildings have all been inspected for asbestos-containing materials as mandated by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

A plan of action for each and every building has been written. Riverton CUSD #14 intends to repair or remove all damaged asbestos-containing materials. Our present report indicates that no critical areas exist in our schools. Most of the areas cited, which could become a hazard, are in areas not used by students and most of the staff - for example, floor tile containing asbestos in the kitchens at the elementary and middle schools.

All maintenance personnel in the district have attended awareness training sessions. They will continue to monitor any asbestos-containing materials in the buildings. Six-­month surveillance checks will be performed by Ideal Environmental. A specific report for each building is located in the school office. This report is available to anyone who wishes to inspect it. If you wish to do so, contact Doug Brown at 629-6001. If you decide you would like a copy of the written report, one can be provided to you at a cost of $.25 per page.

You can feel -confident that Riverton CUSD #14 is meeting each and every state and federal requirement for dealing with asbestos-containing materials. The safety of our children and staff are of great importance to us, and Riverton CUSD #14 will continue to work to ensure our schools present no hazard to any of the individuals housed in them.