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How Do I Get a Deaf Person's Attention AccessDoc
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“Deaf 101: How Do I Get a Deaf Person’s Attention?” video


White text on a grey background reads DEAF 101 – How do I get a deaf person’s attention?

A young black man has buzzcut hair and a small goatee style beard. He wears a navy blue polo shirt. He uses sign language.


The number one rule is don’t throw something at the deaf person. Not a shoe, not a pencil, not a quarter. Don’t throw anything at them; it's usually kind of insulting. The best way to get their attention is to walk up to them and tap them on the shoulder, or you could flash the lights in the room on and off, not like a strobe light, but once or twice should suffice in getting their attention.


In a large room, the young man sits and reads on a couch. Across the room, a young Asian woman leans forward on another couch and waves her arm to get his attention. When he looks over, she taps her wrist and mouths the word ‘time’.

TEXT: Wave.

The young man sits and reads. The young woman walks up behind him and places her hand lightly on his shoulder.

TEXT: Tap shoulder.

The young woman pounds her fist rhythmically on a table top and slaps her hand down on it as well.

TEXT: Stamp or stomp.

She flicks a light switch up and down.

TEXT: Flash lights.

Inside a glassed-walled room, the young woman sits at a desk. The young man walks along the corridor outside the room. He stops and waves his arms, then takes out his phone and flashes it’s light on and off. She turns to look at him.

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