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Supplemental Data Engine Governance
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Supplemental Data Engine

Governance and Implementation


This documentation outlines the process for requesting and activating Supplemental Data Engine (SDE).  This process was reviewed and approved by the Banner Operating Committee on April 11, 2019.  SDE fields will not replace or provide a “go around” for existing baseline Banner fields, but will enhance the existing data environment.

SDE is only applicable to Banner Admin and is not applicable to Banner Self-Service.


Before implementing any Supplemental Data Engine field, approval must be granted by the appropriate governing bodies. Approvals must be handled in the following process.  Any missing or disapproved step results in cancellation of the request.


Steps are as follows, in process order:

  1. A request is written by the individual needing SDE to enhance operations and provides details:
  1. The request is submitted to the subject area Data Steward.  The Data Steward will determine value and will assist in determining any relevant governance groups for the next step.
  2. The request is submitted to one of the appropriate governance groups.  If Shared Data are involved, the request is submitted to the Shared Data Committee.  If the project impacts the Student module (e.g., the SDE field to be activated is within Banner Student), then the written SDE activation request should be submitted to the Banner Student Team.
  3. The approved request is then submitted to the chair of the Banner Operating Committee (BOC).  
  4. The Banner Operating Committee will approve or decline the SDE request and provide rationale for their decision.
  5. The approved request is then submitted to  UTS will implement provided all guidelines in this document are followed.  
  6. The SDE will be implemented in Test.  The change will be announced to Banner Operating and the person originating the SDE request.  The SDE change is implemented in PROD after approval from Banner Operating and the person originating the SDE request is received by UTS.  If no approval is received within 90 days, the work will be removed and cancelled in test.


Technical Implementation