We are enrolling for Camps 2019

LOCAL WEATHER FORECAST      Contact us at howard-east@ScienceCosmos.com or 443-420-7131 to enquire about the enrollments, camp schedule and for classes


Download the Summer Camp flyer from the site, as that would contain several useful information.

Important Phone numbers :

Facility - 410-988-8461  (use this number if you need to reach the facility). This number will not accept text.

Registration/course related details - 443-420-7131 (this number can accept text messages)

How do I enroll?

 Depending on the camp month and week that you are interested in, you may pick the corresponding month tab and select the week. You can create an online account as part of the registration  and manage both current and future enrollments online.

If you need further information, you may call us at 443-420-7131. If we are unable to answer your phone, you may send us an email to howard-east@sciencecosmos.com. Alternatively, you can also text us at the number 443-420-7131 and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

Reported issue: Please note that when you register your child, the confirmation email will show the start date as the date you made the registration  on and not the date you made the registration for. Kindly ignore that and just ensure that the confirmation email shows the correct week of enrollment.

What does a typical summer camp day look like?

Kids would be dropped off by parents in the morning, between 8:30 am and 8:45 am. Camp starts promptly at 9 am. With a 10 minutes break in between, the morning session would be STEM based project that will run through 12:30 PM.

12:30 PM to 1 PM - Lunch Break

1 PM - 4:30 PM - Variety programs. Twice a week - approx. 1 hour/ day Martial Arts lessons, Twice a week - approx. 1 hour/day art/hands-on science experiments.  Daily activities will involve several fun and creative games and group activities. There would be snack break around 3 PM.

How do I reach the center on the camp days?

 During camp times, if you need to reach out to our center, call the number 410-988-8461.   For all other questions related to registration, program details etc, call 443-420-7131 .

Are food/snacks provided at the campsite?

No, we do not offer snacks/lunch at the site. Parents should pack snacks and lunch and send them along with their children. We have refrigerators and microwave oven at the facility that can be used. If Science Cosmos decides to provide lunch on a particular day, we shall notify you two days in advance. Water will be provided at the facility.

How do you handle kids that need medical assistance?

 We strictly adhere to the rules and regulations as stipulated by county/MD state. We should be provided with clear instructions and doctor’s note with the parent’s consent for us to administer any medication to camp students. Please discuss with us on this before making your decision to enroll.

What kind of  STEM projects would the kids be exposed to?

Depending on the age group, kids will be exposed to the following cool activities:

- Lego Robotics

- STEM based projects

- Visual Programming

- Minecraft programming

- BattleBots

- Drone programming

- Python Programming , HTML 5

- Microbit(Micro Controllers) etc.

How are the courses picked and will the student have an option to pick the project he/she likes?

We offer all project on all camp weeks. Before the camp starts or during the process of registration you can state your preference. However, no changes would be possible during the middle of the week as that would change the dynamics of the existing teams and also would cause challenges to tutors with their preparations.

How do I communicate my choice of themes and project?

Following are the themes you would be able to pick - While registration look for sections like Additional Info/Comments and you can list down your theme of preference for that week.

We offer various projects within each theme. We will pick those projects depending on your child’s interest ,familiarity and other factors. All projects are equally fun and educational and we will make that call in the best interest of your child(ren).

How many students will be enrolled in a typical week?

 On any camp week, we shall have no more than 25 students that include both full and half day camp students. Depending on the activity chosen by the student, he/she may be paired with another student of similar skills and age. Some activities may be done independently.

Will there be adult supervision at the center at all times and how many STEM tutors will be coaching?

 Our STEM sessions will be managed by two or three STEM tutors and will be assisted by one or two helpers . There will always be an adult supervisor at all times. All our tutors and caretakers are background checked and cleared.

What are the payment  and cancellation terms and conditions?

Below is the Legalese that will also be made available to you during the registration.

Customers have  access to the complete policies online at  http://sciencecosmos.com/policies . Policies are updated periodically.

You agree to notify us of any medical condition that would affect camp participation.

Your payment is due 50% immediately after registration and 50% within 5 business days of the camp start (for every week).

FOR CAMP CUSTOMERS:-  No refunds within  5 business days of camp start.  There is a  Cancellation fee per child, per cancelled week if cancelled before 5 business days of Camp start - $25 for Half day camps and $50 for Full day camps. Fees cannot carry over to future years.  Switching between camp weeks will be accommodated only depending on the availability of the week -they cannot be guaranteed.  You must pick up and drop off on time. $10 Late pickup penalty is assessed automatically for every 15 minutes delay from the pick up time. You must sign a camp waiver on the first day. We will adhere to the published schedule. Camp materials are based on a set plan and cannot be modified for individuals during the middle of the week. We will adhere to Science Cosmos' disciplinary Policy for camp students.

FOR OFF-SITE customers (Schools, Community centers, etc):  Payment is due in full and there are NO refunds or make-ups for Absentees.  30 Day written Cancellation notice with penalty of 25% of remaining balance. Late pickup penalties, course content policy and disciplinary policy, as for camps.

For Science Cosmos Class and after care customers: Payments are due in full on or before the first 5 business day of every month. Customers under contract, 30 day written cancellation notice is required. If terminated, you will forfeit any multi-month membership fee discounts and you will be charged the difference of the  amount to the payment method on file.

What are the discount structures and why don't the final charges show with appropriate discounts applied?

We have a variety of discounts that you could be eligible for - $25 coupon (early registration); Multi-week discounts & sibling discount.

As you can tell, depending on your profile, the final discount shall be calculated and it would get very complex to show all the details during registration. We will apply those discounts at the backend during invoicing.

Here are the various discounts we offer:

$25 - Early bird - Through end of April 2019

$20 for Multi-week, 2nd week onward.

$20 for the sibling discount.

Note:  With the exception of our Early bird discount, we will be able to apply only one  discount type to any student on any week. For example: A sibling if enrolled for multiple weeks will be entitled for either sibling or multi-week and not both.

Note: While the system would show the full cost during registration, Science Cosmos will apply all discounts at the backend while processing the invoice. We will always confirm with you during every billing cycle.

How does the extended care work?

Extended care kicks-in after 4:30 PM and  runs through 6 PM. We expect parents to pick up their child by 6 PM. While we give you a grace time of 5 minutes past 6 PM, late charge of $10 will be applied for every 15 minutes past 6 PM. For example: If you pick up your child at 6:10 PM, you will be charged $10 as the late pick-up fee.

During extended care, kids generally play games and spend their time winding down - awaiting on your arrival to get back to home sweet home.