This is only the 29th time I have re-started writing the introduction.

The time is fast approaching when I am going to have to get this right.

Settling 2nd-3rd party claims in leaseholds is never easy:   perhaps especially difficult in cooperative apartments.  In 1997, NYS’s Chief Judge Judith Kaye recognized this by setting up a special Cooperative/Condominium Resolution Part of the NYC Housing Court.  [1]

Criminal Robert F McDermott and his bozo employees:


Woodard  [2]

Divich  [3]


Cooney  [4]

Bishop  [5] 


Perri [6] 


refused to treat 55 Liberty Owner’s initial 1991-1992 lawsuit in the NYC Housing Court as an act which triggered Robert F McDermott’s absolute sacrosanct duty to defend my family by joining the 2.5 million subscribing members (the insurance syndicate names) to the NYC Housing Court action in defense of my family.  My family had defended and paid for millions of claims stemming from the insurance needs of our 2.5 million fellow members. Where was son-of-a-bitch Robert F McDermott when we needed him - for the first claim we had ever filed after 21 years of membership?

I am now going to show that these specific USAA persons, all of whom were subscribing members themselves, set about a deliberate misinterpretation of the all the facts which grounded my family’s claim for the costs of restoring the exploded steampipe damage to our home.

Since abject low-IQ ignorance can be argued in defense of McDermott, Coney, Bishop, and Divich: I’d like to start with the one USAA employee who knew better.

Deborah Ann Pochtar Esq
NYS Attorney Registration # 1938166
Imperial House
150 E 69th Street Apt 17C
New York NY 10021

Why do I single out Pochtar?

Deborah Pochtar and her family live in a cooperative apartment with a proprietary lease that is identical to my family’s proprietary lease.

The Pochtar family and Koenig family were both obliged by thir respective proprietary leases to perform all repairs and to pay the costs of restoration of all damage to tenant property.

Here is the clause in the Koenig family proprietary lease which expresses the duty:


And the lease which USAA lawyer Pochtar and the lease the Koenig family had was constructively identical with the cooperative apartment lease thet Robert F McDermott was offering at USAA Towers in San Antonio.

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[2] David Arnold Woodard
TX Bar Card Number: 21922100
TX License Date: 11/07/1986
2571 Rolling Creek
Spring Branch TX 78070
+1.830.885.5065 (home)
+1.210.325.0707 (cell)

[3] Duane G Divich
Vice President
Northeast and Overseas Region
United Services Automobile Association
9800 Fredericksburg Road
San Antonio TX 78288

Duane G Divich
13902 Bluff Wind
San Antonio TX 78216-7915

[4] Wilson Charles "Bill" Cooney
[Wilson C Cooney Company]
29350 Grand Coteau Drive
Boerne TX 78015-4507
+1.830.981.8581 (home)
+1.210.568.3596 (office)
+1.210.859.1495 (cell)

[5] Charles Emerson Bishop
Patricia Ann Bishop
29626 Double Eagle Circle
Fair Oaks Ranch TX  78015

Charles E Bishop
Patch Port
PO Box 293
26 Tennis Club Road
Northeast Harbor ME 04662

[6] Neil Leslie Kanzer Esq
NYS Attorney Registration # 149735
75 Franklin Street  
Amityville NY 11701