Amount of grant received: 2019/20         £16,170                Date: 4/9/18

Area of Focus

Including the 7 key factors to be assessed by Ofsted

(Our RAG rating)


(Sign-posts to our source of evidence)

Action Plan

(Based on our review, key actions identified to improve our provision)

Effective use of the funding

(Summary of how our funding has been used to support deliver of our action plan, including effective uses identified by Ofsted*)

Funding Breakdown

(How much spent on each area)


(The difference it has made/ will make)

Participation rates in such activities as games, dance, gymnastics, swimming and athletics


Register/ School Data (PE Progress tracker)

After school club lists, pupil reviews.

Review the quality of our curriculum including:

  • Quality time  management of PE sessions
  • Quality of teaching and learning.  
  • Enhance and support Staff CPD.
  • Access to facilities / resources  
  • Impact on school values.

Discussions with individual pupils.

Employing a specialist consultant from Sport Blackpool School and Community Team.

Possibility of outdoor resurfacing for sport.

Mrs Todd will work with Miss Baines and Miss Altham throughout the year, supporting the planning process and impart her knowledge and skills when needed.

Miss Baines, and Miss Altham will support Mrs Short with the new assessment Tracker, planning and delivery of High Quality PE lessons.  

An equipment Audit/ check will be done my Mrs Todd, Miss Baines, and Miss Altham, and a list of needed equipment will be reviewed/ updated. Any damaged, or unusable equipment will be replaced.

Approximately £500

New and updated PE equipment-  £900

  • Enhanced, inclusive curriculum provision .
  • Blackpool Sport Community team will provide a consistent body in all PE lessons. To support lessons, pupil progress, and staff understanding.
  •  More confident and competent staff.
  • Enhanced quality of teaching and learning.
  • Improved standards.
  • Positive attitudes to health and wellbeing  Improved behaviour and attendance.
  • Improved pupil attitudes to PE .
  •  Positive impact on the school’s main values.
  • Will make it easier for both teachers and children to get the PE equipment in and out. This will improve health and safety as well as saving valuable time.
  • Enhanced PE resources and equipment.


After school club return forms and register.

After School Club enjoyment questionnaire

To implement and introduce new after school school clubs and activities.

  • Boccia Club?

Implement minimum of 2 after school clubs.

Lunchtime outdoor Boccia Club. - look at the possibility/ locations available?

  •  Work alongside Sharon Todd who is the named projectability lead.
  • Attend any relevant training courses.
  • Trial activities with a group of students.
  • To increase pupil participation in  an after school club, and arrange for transport for those hard to reach pupils.
  • To employ support staff to support the after school club.
  • To trial new activities available.


  • Increased pupil participation.
  • Enhanced, extended, inclusive extracurricular provision.
  • Enhanced quality of delivery of activities.
  • Improved standards.
  • Positive attitudes to health and wellbeing.
  • Improved pupil attitudes.
  •  Positive impact on the school’s main values.
  • Engage the least able and encourage them to lead active lifestyles.
  • Provide enhanced quality of delivery of activities.

Participation and success in competitive school sports (Includes increased numbers of pupils participating in an increased range of competitive opportunities as well as success in competitions)

Schools own data - Pink Forms.

Facebook/ Seesaw photographic evidence.

Seesaw assessment/ school tracker.

Engage with our School Games Organiser (SGO) - Dave Roman.

Review school values/ out look on competitive sports/ competitions.

Facilitate Level 1 and 2 competitions at Highfurlong.

Paying staff or external sports coaches to run/ support at competitions, or to increase pupils participation in National School Games competitions.

Paying for Transport for fixtures and competitions.

Entering competitions


Blackpool Sporting team and hired staff have provided valuable support at competitions with classes. Ensuring participants are enjoying a high quality Sporting competition and extending provision..

Improved positive attitudes to health and wellbeing.

Ensuring strong links with other school in a competitive manner.

How inclusive the physical education curriculum is

Curriculum plans- Long, medium and short Term plans.

PE Assessment Tracker.

Review the quality of our curriculum including:

  • Breadth and Balance  Accessibility of all the activities.
  • Use of TA’s to support learning.
  • Quality of teaching and learning.
  • Access to facilities / resources.
  • To implement a new PE Assessment Tracker.
  • To improve pupil self assessment.

Discussions with individual pupils.

Check equipment to ensure it meets the needs of our pupils.

Purchasing specialist equipment and teaching resources to develop a fully inclusive curriculum.

Develop Teachers and Staff subject knowledge to improve their confidence to deliver PE to the harder to reach pupils.

Implement a specialised assessment tracker to show increased progress in PE.


  • An inclusive curriculum which inspires and engages all pupils.  
  • More confident and competent staff.
  • Enhanced quality of teaching and learning  Increased capacity and sustainability.
  • Increased progression across all areas in PE.
  • Formal assessment now in place for pupils across the whole school.

Growth in the range of provisional and alternative sporting activities.

Curricular and extra curricular plans.

Register of participants.

Review the quality of our curricular and extra-curricular provision including:

  • Range of activities offered
  • The enhancement and extension of our curriculum provision  
  • Inclusion  
  • The promotion of active, healthy lifestyles  
  •  Access to facilities (on-site / offsite)  
  • Pupil needs/interests (Pupil Voice)  
  • Partnerships and links with clubs  
  • Talent provision  
  • Staff CPD

Purchasing specialist equipment and teaching resources to develop a nontraditional activity.

Employing specialist PE teachers or qualified coaches to increase subject knowledge and confidence.

Approximately £3500

  • Extended, alternative provision/ sports
  • Engaged or re-engaged disaffected pupils
  •  Increased pupil participation
  •  More confident and competent staff
  •  Enhanced quality of delivery of activities  
  • Increased staffing capacity and sustainability  
  • Improved standards  
  • Positive impact on whole school improvement  

Partnership work on physical education with other schools and other local partners

Membership of networks.  School / Subject Action Plans. Attendance at PE Meetings.  Governors’ reports from Subject leader.

Local partnership photos. Seesaw

  • To continue to attend local PE and School Sport meetings and competitions.
  • Identify any new possible partnerships with local SEN schools.

  • Buying into existing local sports networks e.g. Competition Managers.
  • Employing expert advice to evaluate strengths and weaknesses and implement plans for improvement.
  • Building up links with other school. Coordination. Competitions with students.


  • Increased staff knowledge and understanding.
  • More sustainable workforce.
  • Enhanced quality of provision.  
  • Increased pupil participation in competitive activities.
  • Increased range of opportunities.  
  • The sharing of best practice.