Knowledgebase and License Manager Advisory Group

Description and Statement of Work

Return on Investment (ROI)

Because participation in the work of KB/LM is optional, ROI will vary from person to person. Each member of KB/LM will have the opportunity to attend one or more in-person meetings per year, and can also serve on task forces.

  • KB/LM Advisory Group Member
  • Investment:
  • KB/LM’s in-person meetings generally last 5-6 hours, and are designed for high engagement professional development, best practice, and peer to peer training opportunities.
  • Each meeting includes time for sharing with colleagues and developing relationships, as well as times focused on specific areas of learning.
  • Return:
  • After attending a KB/LM meeting, participants should be better equipped to collaborate with their PALNI KB/LM colleagues and better equipped for the work of Knowledgebase and License Management.
  • KB/LM Steering Committee
  • Investment:
  • Monthly 1 hour meetings
  • 3 hours working group activities, projects, and task forces
  • Return:
  • Access to professional development funds and training opportunities
  • Direct development through leadership opportunities, skill sharing, and peer relationships
  • All of PALNI
  • Investment:
  • PALNI membership
  • Return:
  • KB/LM  coordinates a range of activities, support and development opportunities available to all PALNI members (see below)

Goals of this Statement of Work

This statement of work defines the operational support provided by the KB/LM Advisory group to PALNI supported institutions. The objectives of this statement of work are to:

Group Charge

The KB/LM Advisory Group (KB/LM) coordinates maintenance, best practices, troubleshooting, and development efforts associated with the WMS Knowledgebase and License Manager products for PALNI libraries.

Specifically, KB/LM:

Group Membership

Anyone employed by a PALNI member school who is involved in Knowledgebase or License management in their library is automatically considered a member of the KB/LM Advisory group. Participation in KB/LM events and work is encouraged but optional.

The work of KB/LM is coordinated by a steering committee:

The steering committee can be contacted via email at

Ongoing Responsibilities of KB/LM

Ongoing Responsibilities of the KB/LM Steering

Ongoing Local Responsibilities



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