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Brunswick Community Education Foundation

Information for Grant Seekers - 2018-2019

What is BCEF?

BCEF is an independent non-profit organization of community members committed to supporting Brunswick’s public school students and teachers in their pursuit of educational excellence.  


Who is eligible to apply for a BCEF grant?


BCEF awards grants to Brunswick School Department teachers and staff members to support innovative and creative academic initiatives that are aligned with the Brunswick School Department’s mission, but that fall outside the scope of the school budget.

Applicants who received an award previously are welcome to apply the following year for a different project. Grants that request funding for projects, programs and materials previously funded by BCEF will need to offer an explanation of why repeat funding is required, and plans for future funding separate from BCEF. Priority will be given to requests that are new. In particular, we are unlikely to fund repeat requests for professional development grants, such as conference attendance and travel.


What are BCEF’s funding categories?


We invite applications that fit into one of four broad categories:

1. Classroom-based grants will be awarded to individual teachers or groups of teachers to support projects that complement, enrich, or expand upon the curriculum.

2. School Grants will be awarded to individual schools for projects that enhance educational opportunities and foster collaboration within a grade level, between grade levels, within a subject area or department, or throughout the school as a whole.

3.  System-Wide Grants will be awarded to projects that have similar goals to the ones outlined above, but that have an educational impact on more than one school.  

4.  Requests for Professional Development grants from individual teachers or small groups of teachers will be considered if they enable the launch or expansion of a program or project tied to a curricular goal. For example, a recent grant was awarded to two Brunswick Junior High School teachers to establish an Aquaponics program for 6th grade science students. The grant aligned closely with specific units in the 6th grade science curriculum and included PD funds for the teachers to attend Aquaponics training at the Maine Herring Gut Institute. We invite you to review the Aquaponics grant for ideas on creating your own application.


Requests for PD also must be student-centered, have a quantifiable academic impact, and must include a clear explanation of why it is not part of the regular school budget.

Any professional development activities supported by BCEF should be readily shared with colleagues to amplify the impact of the experience. Details of how that will be accomplished must be included in the grant application.


What sorts of ideas will BCEF fund?

Details of previously funded projects can be found at

BCEF is presently unable to consider grant applications that fall in the following categories:

Award Amounts:

Grants have been awarded in amounts ranging from $200 to $5,000. Larger grants--up to $5,000--will be considered for cooperative proposals involving multiple teachers, a grade level, or school-wide project. Professional development grants have a limit of $2,500. Partial funding of a larger project may be awarded if the overall goals meet the grant criteria but funding limitations cannot allow for full funding. If you are willing to accept partial funding, please explain how the funds would be used.  

Multi-year Grants:

BCEF is now funding multi-year grants (up to three years) for a maximum amount of $5,000. If applying for a multi-year grant, please provide a timeline and indicate how funds will be spent each year.