“.. before going to sleep you must get ready, as they are going on a sacred pilgrimage… Never go to bed with a negative thought in your head, for a wreck havoc in your subconscious...it is the experiences of the last minutes before you go to sleep but I'm more important, more significant, and anything that happened during the day.” -Aivanhov

This habit promotes healthy sleep and uses my overnight subconscious to help build in positive presence. (Declare, Read, Express, Attend, Massage, Thanks, Intention, Manifest, Entice).
Tims routine is nice too and this one 

DECLARE:  Say outloud your own declaration – his mine: "It's dreamtime - time to let go of the day, celebrate my efforts and forgive any mistakes, enjoy my evening, ending the day in a healthy, fun and easy way, which naturally cultivates positive feelings, motivation, and love.”

I would continue on to read my evening affirmation if I'm struggling to get started.

READ: Read a chapter of a book or listen to an audio - something fun and easy. (i print this page as a bookmark)

EXPRESS: Write a note about how you feel today went. Record your memories and final thoughts in today’s diary. I collect the note and put it into a jar (the jar of awesome) which I go through at the end of the year.

ATTEND: Look after yourself and your environmental needs. Clean your teeth, getting a drink, tidy away. Make tomorrow easier.

MINI MASSAGE : Treat yourself - look after your body by softening it before bed. Just do 2 minutes, using a foam roller or oils. Use a timer to trick the mind into accepting it'll only be 2 minutes. I now have an electric massager!

THANKS: A quick prayer of gratitude, thanking myself or the universe for whatever nice things I’ve received today. I use the prayer position to help put my mind into that state.

IMAGINE: Engage the mind and start to imagine what you’d like… from tomorrow, from the future. Perhaps you have a mission or something you’d like. I sometimes use my Manifest process for this.

MEDITATE: I stay in bed and flood my body with consciousness for 3 minutes. Feel the body and breathe. Observe and...

ENJOY: Go to sleep with a smile (or the feeling of one) this can be done by simply feeling into the warm duvet, affirming all the gratitude one more time.  

Neil Morbey