About Fotobook DUMMIES Day

“The dummy book is a rough mock-up for a picture book, as visualised at this stage by the creator. They can be made for the creator's own purposes as part of the development process, but also as the final submission to a publisher.”

Fotobook DUMMIES Day is a publication project which mainly focus on photographic publications in a manner of “self-publishing”, within the understanding the nature of the concept of “dummy”. We want to make contacts in between the makers and makers, the makers and readers, to establish a platform wherever their conversations become possible. Fotobook DUMMIES Day is currently based in Taipei and Rotterdam.

We love any challenges and cooperations, please email us via: fotobookdummiesday@gmail.com

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傻瓜書日是一個以影像與自出版(self-publishing)為主體的計劃。攝影樣書(photo dummy book)是視覺實體化的實驗階段,是一本量產出版的攝影書(photobook)的前身,也是它的原型。也許正因為一本樣書的粗糙、不完整、題材選擇上的自由,以及由創作者自己一手包辦整本書大小事的特性,樣書當然可以選擇一直只當一本「傻瓜書」。而 dummy 在英文裡也有傻瓜之意,正是傻瓜書日 Fotobook DUMMIES Day 命名的由來,我們希望發掘、匯聚一股腦做著傻瓜書(dummy book)的傻瓜們(dummies)。



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