Caturday cat-cam! (video)

Majority Report talks Dave Rubin and Stefan Molyneux appx 1:50:00 (video)

MRA talks about how people are “afraid of the truth” or some shit (video)

The gayest pastor in the world wants to “make america straight again” (video)

Natural News banned from facebook (longest video ever, we’ll check out some of it)

Rick Wiles is mad about the new kinds of meat alternatives (video)

Media Wench is gonna hate the producer. Jordan Peterson talks about “female insanity” (video)

Coloradans drinking their own pee

Ben Shapiro on parenting

This week in last year:

[RED LIGHT] Raphaelle O’Neill. Targeted individual or technologically confused? (video) 

[LOCAL] Austin Bennett concession speech… sort of

A North Carolina pastor named Charles Worley says gays should be imprisoned behind electric fences to see if they will breed, and then left to die -- CNN talks to some of the townspeople (video)

[RED LIGHT] Docket newbie Kat Kerr tries to tell a storm what to do