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Sixth Grade Newsletter No 32

April 16 - 20, 2018

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Dear Parents,

Standardized Testing Week - April 16 - 19

This week students will be taking the Stanford Achievement Tests. We ask that you do not plan any doctor or dental appointments for this week. In addition, it is important that students get adequate rest and eat a nutritious breakfast each morning. If you would like to send in healthy snacks for the middle and high school students to have during testing week, that would be fantastic.

There is no chapel on Wednesday - students may wear regular uniform clothing instead of chapel wear.

Field Day - Friday, April 20

Field Day is back! On Friday, April 20, the school will come together out on the front field to have some fun in the sun! A flier was sent home last Friday with the details including teams, attire, and things the students need to bring on that day. Set up begins at 8:00 A.M., and Mr. Ortiz is looking for some willing parents to help him get the supplies out on the field and set up for the events. Please consider being a part of this exciting event. If you are able and willing to serve in this way, please contact Mr. Ortiz directly at

Fall Family Skate Night - Monday, April 23 

Invite your family and friends to Rollerland in Roseville. We hope to see you there at 6:30 P.M. - great exercise and a great time!


Middle School Teachers


Bible (Mr. Ortiz):

This week we will be continuing our Unit on the Minor Prophets. Due to SAT testing there will be no scripture or Jupiter discussion this week.

English (Mrs. Johnson):

Students will not have a spelling list due to SAT testing. This week in grammar, students will continue studying pronouns. Students will also choose a topic for their upcoming research report; the link to sign up for the report is HERE.

Math 7/6 (Mrs. Johnson):

The first part of the week students will be taking SAT tests. Students will complete Lesson 101 on Thursday.

Math 6/5  (Mrs. Svirida):

The first part of the week students will be taking SAT tests. Students will complete Lesson 103 on Thursday.

History (Mrs. Daniel):

Students will continue studying chapter 11, “Mesoamerica.”  Due to the testing schedule and field day, the history assignments will be very limited with no tests or projects.  Next week, we will have a chocolate tasting day where students will taste/experience chocolates with different cacao amounts (Cacao originated in Mesoamerica!).  

Science (Mrs.Northman):

Most of this week will be spent taking SAT tests.  When not testing, students will be learning about the first manned space flights.

Music (Dr. Muntean):

Preparing “Pomp and Circumstance” for Eighth Grade Graduation Ceremony.