77.33 Word

797. If you're living in the city during a disaster, the last thing you want to do is draw attention to yourself. Whether it's a short-term disaster like a hurricane or a long-term disaster like an economic crisis, you can expect crime to be very high. Police will be stretched to the limit, and many ordinary people will become criminals if they're desperate.

798. I have to bring Julia Cameron and the morning pages back into the mix.  3 handwritten stream-of-consciousness pages.  I always wrote more when I did the pages, but I need to modify her system to fit Walkabout Solopreneur.  WS can use handwritten pages or computer depending on where WS takes you.  The notebooks are one thing that can take care of so much.

799. I have to adjust my thinking about stuff around the house.  I’m tired of others not buying what is needed now that they have taken over the purchases.  They go on an attitude of buying only when something runs out.  She can go through a box of kleenex a day.  I used to buy 8 to 10 at a time to have it available.  Trees have taken out a contract on her.  Corbett and I are going on a liquid diet, maybe water fast for me, today.  If the economy goes south, we may need to know more about edible wild plants.  I need to eat up what I have and go even thinner over the next week.

800. Besides the 3,000 words, I need to build out the articles pronto.  I can’t make money with my current habits.  Instead of cranking my content out, I need to embrace WS.  I need to write when I can, eat when hungry, and make use of downtime to read or rest.

801. For WS, you may want to include some backup plans.  For PTs, you can always pick up gigs teaching English, at least where you want to find them.  

802. Keeping up with the WS life is hard when you include TV in the mix.  Still, I don’t want too many restrictions at first.  Vegan and 3,000 words is plenty.  I already have 90,000 in the can.

803. For diet, I need to cut out processed foods.  It may be the only way to make the starch solution work.  God I still jones for sugar.  I can go whole foods until I get below 7.0 on the A1C.

804. “Turn on’ meant go within to activate your neural and genetic equipment. Become sensitive to the many and various levels of consciousness and the specific triggers that engage them. Drugs were one way to accomplish this end. ‘Tune in’ meant interact harmoniously with the world around you – externalize, materialize, express your new internal perspectives. Drop out suggested an elective, selective, graceful process of detachment from involuntary or unconscious commitments. ‘Drop Out’ meant self-reliance, a discovery of one’s singularity, a commitment to mobility, choice, and change. Unhappily my explanations of this sequence of personal development were often misinterpreted to mean ‘Get stoned and abandon all constructive activity.”


805. Timothy Leary had it right.  At my age, turn on means Advil, not LSD.  Pain is more of an issue than at any time of my life.  Most pain is a result of accidents over the years and not fighting off lifestyle diseases, like diabetes.  I can’t blame anyone for my health issues except myself, but I can vow to correct them and even reverse them.

806. Instead of mass movements, it’s time for IBMs* to get our own houses in order before it’s too late.  We can help society by healing our bodies, using less health care resources, going vegan, and educating our grandchildren outside the failed school system.  If you want to heal diabetes, heart disease, and maybe even cancer, start with a plant based, low fat, whole food vegan diet.

807. If you want to save the environment and reduce greenhouse gasses and fake global warming, give up the meat, poultry, fish, dairy, and eggs - go vegan.  You can’t really save the environment, only yourself.  You will feel better, and you won’t be needlessly contributing to the overall problem.

808. “Too many Americans are sick and suffering from colds and the flu because their immune systems were weakened by over consumption of sugar and lack of important nutrients like vitamin D and zinc.”


809. “A sore throat is caused by an acid-forming bacterium called STREPTOCOCCUS …….. you conquer it by gargling immediately with salt water (salt being alkaline and countering the acid bacteria). When we eat sugary foods before bedtime, sugar feeds strep and we wake up in the morning with a sore throat.   (Acid-forming strep is also what eats through the enamel in our teeth and causes cavities.)  (Caries Research 1995].  Don’t keep eating sweets if you develop a sore throat, you are just feeding the problem.  In the cold and flu season some people gargle at bedtime, and then again first thing in the morning.  Again, don’t forget the simple practice of gargling.”

This is key for me, and a cause of dry mouth at night.  My father used to recommend gargling with warm salt water.  I will revive the practice.

810. Most of the ways politicians are trying to control us and to reduce our living standards are bogus attempts to make us pay for the excesses of the elite.  I advocate for reducing consumption, but for individual and personal reasons to make your life better - not to give in to pressure from those who seek to control the masses.  The rulers want you to give up your SUV while they fly on private jets.  Same goes for Hollywood stars who want to help the poor - with your money.  

811. I read LewRockwell.com every day.  One habit to develop is to post quotes as I read, and to share on FB or Twitter at the time of reading, with comments.  Share immediately.  Post the URL.  This is about making WS work.

812. “Justin: Doug, AOC has been getting a lot of press lately. What are your thoughts on her? Specifically, what do you think of her platform and her idea for a Green New Deal?”

“Doug: Most likely she’s the future of the Democratic Party – and of the U.S. Why? She’s cute, vivacious, charming, different, outspoken, and has a plan to Make America Great Again. And she’s shrewd. She realized she could win by ringing doorbells in her district, where voter turnout was very low, and about 70% are non-white. There was zero motivation for residents to turn out for the tired, corrupt, old hack of a white man she ran against.”


813. I’m glad some Libertarians understand.  AOC could be the death of us, but you have to love her style.

814. “The free market, individualism, personal liberty, personal responsibility, hard work, free speech – the values of western civilization – are being washed away, everywhere. But it’s hard to defend them, because the argument for them is intellectual, economic, and historical. While the mob, the capita censi, the “head count” as the Romans called them, is swayed by emotions. They feel, they don’t think. Arguments are limited to Twitter feeds. Or 30-second TV sound bites”

815. For me to leave a legacy, I have to be the ultimate curator and cheerleader for IBMs*.  It’s a dangerous time, and we have to act fast to protect ourselves.  I have to get these books written quickly and sold.  Over the next 77 days, I want my health and fitness to be maxed out.  The shit will hit the fan.  Maybe not until after the 2020 election, but it will happen.

816. As an IBM*, I believe I owe it to myself to be the best man I can be for the rest of the years I have available on this Earth.  You owe it to yourself to do the same, but you don’t owe it to me or anyone else.  You don’t have to do anyone else’s bidding or follow a path some politician or preacher or family member claims is your responsibility.  You can pick and choose what challenges to take on, what legacy you want to leave (if any), and what path you will follow.  

817. It’s strange, but I like listening to hillbilly or blues music when I’m working.  It’s good to remember just how tough my Scotch-Irish ancestors had it in early America.

The world has changed.  The old models for building a secure career and life are long gone.  As IBMs (Introvert Boomer Males), the light at the end of the tunnel grows brighter.

Now is the time to pick one word to describe where you want your life to go.

Not only is the old model broken, but I don’t know what will take it’s place.  All I see among younger Americans is success being based on consumption.

I believe we need to construct our own life themes.  I personally don’t want to own anything I have to take care of.  I don’t want to own houses, cars, or backyard pools.  Uber and Airbnb look mighty fine to me.

With whatever days I have left on this planet, I want to wake up each day in anticipation of adventure.

Letting go of old ideas about yourself starts the transformation.  We need to determine our core beliefs and create the life theme to support them.

Everything begins with your core values and builds out from there.  There is no universal blueprint that works for all people all of the time.  If there were, only one self-help book would have been written from the beginning of time.

You are the only constant in your life.

Your life theme is about knowing what matters to you and focusing all your attention on it.  Expect hard work, and frequent corrections as you learn.  

For boomers, forging a new life path that’s right for you seems impossible.  With all of the mistakes in the rear view mirror, it’s easy to get gun shy.  Self-doubt coupled with the grind of everyday life can make us feel trapped.

Trouble is, when the lights go out, you will have taken the chance to improve, or not.  You’re still going to be dead.

Building your new life theme never stops.  There is no finish line except death.

Ask yourself, are you living your life, or is your life controlling you?

Over the course of our lives, we have tended to fall into the paths that society has recommended to us.  Go to college.  Get a good job.  Buy a house.  Raise kids.  Retire and die.

Society’s recipe for success is one size fits all.  No one cares about your individual quirks and nuances.  All you have is a nagging fear that you are locked in a predetermined career without much wiggle room.

For the most part, you don’t even know what your options are.  If you follow the script, society does the heavy lifting and defines happiness for you.  We all know the cliche of the empty nesters asking what was it all about.

Rewriting your life script will be the most difficult and scariest action of your life.

IBMs spend decades working like dogs to satisfy the needs of others.  Even if you “don’t mind”, or feel like it’s your responsibility, it’s time to go stoic and look inward to uncover your wants in sync with your core beliefs.

Ask the hard questions that will uncover your authentic self.  Be selfish.  Don’t think about who society thinks you ought to be, but who you really are.

Your starting point is the noise that disrupts your life as it currently exists.  Advice and expectations come at you from all directions.  It’s hard for your individual expression to rise above the din.

Some advice you get is helpful and real.  Separating decent guidance from trash takes skill.  Most good advice comes from people who know you as an individual, not some general talking head self-help guru junk meant for everyone.

Filter any advice by being honest with yourself.  If the message you receive takes into account you as an individual, and it rings true, consider it carefully.

For my own part, I am facing any number of health and financial challenges.  To move forward, I am entering a 273 day pain and agony period worthy of the most severe, devout monks.

Time is of the essence.

My one word - solopreneur.  My one “goal” - 3,000+ words per day.

The one goal does not mean I let everything else go.  I still have to eat right and exercise to control my diabetes.  But if I do the hard work of writing, I will have over 800,000 words of original content to turn into books, reports, articles, posts, audio, and video.

If that can’t be monetized, I will pivot and learn a new skill.

If others around me attempt to turn me to a different direction to fit their own agendas, tough.  They don’t have to answer for my life.  I do.

Don’t wait to be who you are.  Don’t wait to do what you really want to do.

We all know people who scrimp and save for retirement, then drop dead before they have a chance to enjoy it.  You have no guarantee of a safe and secure future, even if you followed all the rules.

It’s impossible at age 21 to know what will make you happy for the rest of your life.  For IBMs it’s easier, because there is not so much rest of our lives to consider.  It’s time to use our experiences to find new paths.

The career as we knew it is extinct.  And who wants a career when you can have a life.

If we follow a stoic ideal of constant small change, an ancient version of Japanese kaizen, we are constantly creating better versions of ourselves.  Each version of you - daily if possible - is not a final build.  Permanent beta.  One small step forward.

We are all subject to distractions that can come at us from all directions.  You have to expect the change.  Embrace it.  Enjoy the tension that comes.

Society is obsessed with outward displays of success.  The fallacy is the presumption that we all agree on the definition of success.  In fact, it’s different for everyone.  For IBMs, success is a moving target as we age and gain experience.

Once we strip away the daily grind we agree ourselves into, we can get down to a blank canvas where we can reconstruct our life theme based on our core values.

I don’t know about you, but all the dumbass things I did over the last 50 years tend to bubble up in my self-consciousness to hinder change.  Reinventing oneself is not a linear progression but a series of fits and starts and restarts.

We become so attached to the past - guilt and all - that we refuse to let go of the past.

As many of us are now retired or nearing retirement, we can let go and even kill the career.  I have been a lawyer and diplomat, both “careers” I destroyed by not being very good at them.

Solopreneur makes me responsible for building my life without worrying about building a resume.  The traditional career is dead, and has been for decades.  Look how many lawyers don’t practice law, and registered nurses who have moved on to other careers by leaving nursing.

Instead of squeezing ourselves into a career path that is supposed to define our entire working lives, more and more of us are pursuing our interests instead.  

A career is a container, or maybe a cell or cubicle.  Is it reasonable to expect a 20-something man or woman to choose a career for a lifetime when they have limited experience, much like choosing a mate for marriage.

The message for IBMs is clear:  build a life theme around your interests.  For maybe the first time in recent memory, live for you.  You have done your duty for family, god, and country.  It’s time to live for you.  Yours is the only life you are ultimately responsible for.

An IBM reboot grows out of this basic truth.  Why spend one more minute doing the work others should do for themselves unless it also advances your own agenda?  When are you most alive, when following orders or doing your “duty”, or when doing what you love to do when you want to do it?

I choose solopreneur as my guiding word.  I must know every aspect of what I call Anytime Anywhere Income.  It’s not that I won’t outsource and automate - I will.  But I need to know how the engine works and be able to repair and adjust as necessary.

My AAI is Internet marketing.  I expect it to change over time, and I will be ready for it.  But if I am to succeed over time, it’s critical to keep my mind limber and fluid.  The last thing you need is static, fossilized thinking.

Examine your core.  What is it that you have always enjoyed doing?  Have you gotten so far away from your true identity that you don’t recognize the person that was you?

Are you an accountant who should be playing music?  Are you a caregiver who cannot extract 15 minutes a day to care for yourself?  What fulfills your soul?

This has nothing to do with being rich or famous.  It’s about being excited to wake up each morning because you have places to go and things to do.

You core is a need, not something you would like to do.

One way to identify your core beliefs is identifying who you are not.  What are the traits and activities that don’t mesh with your identity?  You want to create your own unique life theme as Picasso, not a house painter.