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Preschool Readiness Checklist 2022 (with signature)
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Early Education Readiness Checklist


RMCA Early Education offers a beginning foundation of habit formation. Children are provided opportunities to explore and grow while in a group setting.

Will your child be at least 3 years or older by September 1st in the coming school year? Are you and your child looking forward to a school experience?  Do you regularly read to your child? Below are some questions to help you as you think about your child’s school readiness. This is not a black-and-white assessment but, rather, a way to begin evaluating your next step.

Families who are ready for an RMCA preschool classroom experience will have “yes” answers to the following questions.

Can your child:

  1. Take care of toilet needs, accidents are rare?
  1. Manage most of their own clothing? Fine motor skills like zipping and snapping may not be mastered yet.
  2. Be independent when using the toilet?
  1. Be away from you for 2-3 hours?
  1. Adjust to separation within the first 5-10 minutes after drop off?
  1. Peacefully accepts instruction from other adults?
  1. Begin to accept “no” peacefully?
  2. Have a simple conversation without running off?
  1. Sit and attend to an activity for a period of 5-10 minutes?
  1. Sit on their own during this time?
  2. Able to give attention to a short story when it is read?
  1. Carry out 1 or 2 simple errands in the home (Ex: “find your jacket,” “Bring me the book,” or “Close the door.”)?
  1. Care for their own belongings?


  1. Are you seeking a growth mindset atmosphere for your child?
  2. Are you seeking introduction into a school setting vs childcare?
  3. Are you ready and available to partner at home and, if needed, in the classroom with your child’s habit formation?

We require that each incoming Early Education family read two articles that begin to inform you of the Charlotte Mason methods and philosophy.

Education is a discipline

The Liberty of Children

To familiarize yourself with our Charlotte Mason & Ambleside philosophy, please visit for videos and readings.

I have read, understood, and agree with the above information.

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