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For new users, please see creating an account before trying to register a site. Before registering a site you must have an account.

This document outlines the following three topics:

  1. Creating an account
  2. Site Management
  3. Submitting Results

Creating an account

Before registering a site you must have an account.

To create an account, select Register.

When you click on “register” you will have the option to:


For resetting your password, please note the system sends an email to the email that is in the system for that site.  If you are taking over organizing the Challenge from someone else and cannot access their email or the account, please create a new account and contact Quintessence to have the accounts merged.

Click on the topic of interest from the following list or scroll down

Login to your account

Create an account

Reset your password

Login to your account

Type your username and password into the required fields. Select Login.

When you see the screen below you have signed into your account.

Create an account

Enter your email address, username, time zone and organization’s name (optional). Select Create new account.

You should then receive an email from with a link to create your password.

Upon opening the one-time link, you will be asked to login and set your password.


Create a password that you will remember; note it in your phone or other appropriate location and type it into needed fields. You need this password every time you wish to access your account ( and year to year if you are the site organizer)

Click save to complete the account creation process.

You are already signed into your account and can proceed to create an individual site or sites for the challenge.

Reset your password

Site Management

Click on the topic of interest or scroll down:

Creating a Site

Once you have signed into your account, look for the ‘Register your Site here’ option on the right side of the page. If you have already created a site under this account, you will find ‘Register your site here’ under the ‘Manage your Site’. Click on ‘Register your site here.’

You will now be asked to complete the relevant information about your site. Please take the time to complete these fields correctly as this information is used to create and send your certificates to you. Your site name, the organizer’s name and your email address is shared with others on the Quintessence Web Site. This information is viewable to help other organizers and participants contact you. No other information is shared. No information is sold or given to any 3rd party organizations. See our Privacy Policy for further information.

Once you have completed the needed details, select save. Please note that if you have not completed all of the required (*) fields you will not be able to save the site.

Managing your Site

Once you have signed in, you can manage any sites that you have already created within your account. Select Breastfeeding Challenge from the top menu and select Manage your Site. If you do not see Manage your Site as an option, you have not successfully logged into your account. If you do not see the correct sites, please make sure that you have signed into the correct account (some organizers have ‘old’ accounts from previous years)

There are various options under Managing my sites including, before the challenge and after the challenge.

Before the challenge you have the options to:

After the challenge you have the option to:

Submitting Results

 You are unable to submit results until October 1st and after you have registered an account and a site. After signing into the  Quintessence Webpage, select ‘Manage my Sites’ and submit Report(s).