Little Elkhart Chapter of TU

Meeting minutes February 14, 2018

Members in Attendance: Nick Christofeno, John Hollister, Jim Phillips, Bill Myers, Penny Myers,

Keith Loutzenhiser, Leonard Gustin, Mike Beachy

Meeting Minutes from January 10, 2018 were approved with a motion from Leonard Gustin and second from Penny Myers.

Fishing Report: Nick Christofeno reported taking 3 brown trout while fishing in January using a slow retrieve streamer.

Treasurers Report: Keith reported our various accounts have a total of $28,239.65 total. $100 donation came in from Dr. Dan Burns.

Communications: Brandon Rasler has the Winter Newsletter ready to go and should be out shortly.

Heartland Fly Fishing Festival: January 20 & 21 Lebanon IN. The show was small but well attended. LECTU sold $1481.00 worth of Adopt-A-Trout tickets. Expenses were 3 hotel rooms for two nights and one lunch for volunteers.

Three Rivers Fly Fisher’s Show: February 10th, Ft. Wayne IN. the attendance was down this year and LECTU saw very light traffic only selling $110 in A-A-T tickets.

Central Indiana Trout Unlimited Film Tour: Sunday March 18, Broad Ripple IN. Steve Mack and Mike Beachy will be there with a display selling A-A-T tickets.

New County Park: At this point we are still awaiting the County Parks to take possession of the property prior to initiating any work on a Catch and Release proposal.

LECTU Fly Tying: Keith Loutzenhiser will host three more fly tying sessions at his home February 17, March 17 and April 21. Flies will be tied for use in raffle prize fly boxes at our Outing.

Adopt-A-Trout Raffle ticket sales: At this point we are doing really well. Indy show $1481, Ft Wayne $110, Random sales of $40 and Mail In $1860. We are pushing $3500 at this point.

Annual Spring Outing: Saturday May 5, George Daniel featured speaker is all set for the day.  Mike reported that our raffle prizes are on track thus far between discounted items and LECTU purchases. Mike requested members start asking bait and tackle shop near your location for donated items especially kids prizes.

Bill and Penny Myers are not going to be available to cook for the outing due to other commitments. John Hollister volunteered to take over that position this year with bill and Penny’s help.

Keith reported that he has signed a contract to have a 40X40 ft. tent provided along with chairs, tables, stage and PA system.

LECTU Project Trailer: Mike reminded Keith that summer will be here before you know it and we still need to get out equipment trailer licensed and titled prior to getting the inside customized for our equipment. Keith will work on that.

Middlebury Parks Riverfest: There was some confusion as to when and where the meetings were supposed to be. Nick will need to get together with Tom Enright and attend those meetings as a LECTU representative.

Charlie Ray Casting Class: Charlie is supposed to do an intermediate/advanced casting class this summer. Last year we had to cancel the beginners class due to lack of interest. We reserved June 2nd as the date but will need to get guys to sign up at the Outing. The interest will determine the need and Charlie is aware.

Brown Trout Stocking: There was a discussion about our ability to purchase Brown Trout for stocking. It was suggested that we appoint a committee in order to investigate sources. It was suggested that we start to petition the state to begin raising brown trout. Leonard Gustin was going to stop in at Fawn River State Hatchery to speak with Larry Koza about his view on browns or at least trying to raise some.

Respectfully Submitted

Michael  Beachy