Finance Panel (Open Forum)

Session D | Notes taken by Taryn Tarighati


  1. Thanks to the EBS team for a great work. (S.Kruse)
  2. In what ways are you trying to build bridges or in what ways are you seeing districts to do this?
  1. (General question from Panelists)
  1. How often Sandbox is getting refreshed? (S.Hoff)
  1. Every two weeks
  1. What kind of time frame do you have on TLNS? (S.Kruse)
  1. I don’t like doing anything without pilot.We are going to mock up and poiot.We need to have a base and go to district and get their idea.We have a plan to get our mock up by January first. Soon after that we’ll finish collection of requirements and we get in Development mode. After that we have two phases:
  1. Batch processing: the process will allow us to move the data once a day in the batch mode. Because Frontline doesn't have web channel.
  2. Data that you entered to time leave and substitute system will immediately be inside PeopleSoft.

        We are looking at that probably being out next July in Production.

  1. Is there any update on Hyperion with the fluid interface? (J.Galura)
  1.  No
  1. The Fluid vs Classic, when does that piece come in? Is this just related to the Frontline? (S.Kruse)
  1. All the screens in PeopleSoft will change. We do release it to couple of districts as a pilot first and we get suggestions and we move forward.


  1. None recorded.