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Subject: Nominate Our Exceptional Technicians for the FMX Technician of the Year Award!

We are excited to recognize and celebrate the outstanding contributions of our technicians and workers in facilities management.

About the award

The FMX Technician of the Year Award spotlights the unsung heroes behind the scenes whose dedication, expertise, and passion drive facilities management excellence. From HVAC specialists to maintenance technicians, this award honors those who go above and beyond to ensure smooth operations, maintain safety standards, and innovate in their fields.

Why nominate?

1. Recognize exceptional talent: give recognition to our technicians who consistently demonstrate excellence and make a significant impact.

2. Showcase innovation: highlight innovative solutions, problem-solving skills, and forward-thinking approaches that enhance facility management practices.

3. Celebrate team efforts: acknowledge the collaborative efforts that contribute to the success of facility management initiatives.

4. Inspire others: by sharing success stories and recognizing outstanding individuals, others our staff will be inspired to strive for excellence in their roles.

How to nominate

Nomination is simple and straightforward! Visit to submit.

Thank you for your support in celebrating excellence in facilities management!

Warm regards,

[Your Name/Organization]