Year 4 Spelling Matrix

Instructions: Select a spelling activity to complete each week

Task 1 – Word Search

Make a word search puzzle using your spelling words. You can create one in your home learning book or use the website

Then find your words or ask a friend or family member to try.

Task 2 – Newsy Words

Use old magazines, catalogs or newspapers to find your spelling words (or the letters that make up your word). Glue the words or letters to spell your words.

Task 3 – Colourful Vowel

Write each of your spelling words with pencil. Trace over the vowels in each word with a colourful pencil eg blue.

Vowels = a e i o u

f r i e n d s

Task 4 – Fancy Letters

Write each of your spelling words using fancy letters.

Your letters might have curly ends or dots or be bubbly. 

Task 5 – Words within Words

Write each spelling word and then write at least two words made from the same letters that is hidden inside the word.

Example: slide

side  lie  lid  led  etc.

Task 6 – Make Some Music

Write a song or rap that includes your spelling words! Share with a friend or family member.

Task 7 - Secret Agent Words

Number the alphabet from 1-26.

Example: a=1  b=2  c=3  d=4 etc

Then convert your words to a number code.

Don’t forget to write the actual spelling word next to the ‘code word.’

Task 8 – Hidden Words

Draw and colour a picture. Hide your spelling words inside your picture.

Show your picture to someone and see if they can find all your hidden words!

Task 9 – Create an Activity

Can you think of a really fun way to practice your spelling words?

Then go for it!

Share it with your teacher and your class!