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The Chimes—Videographer Job Description
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THE CHIMES // Videographer

Basic function and responsibility:  

The Chimes videographer is responsible for shooting video packages on a weekly basis for the Chimes website. These packages may be planned by the videographer, or assigned by the Visual Editor in conjunction with a Section Editor. These videos should have a newsworthy basis, ranging from visual storytelling of a news article to providing a close-up look at students’ responses to an administrative initiative to covering a campus event.


1. Produce at least one professional-quality video, one minute or more in length, a week.

2. Work under the direction of the visual editor to make sure campus events are covered as needed.

3. Secure interviews, permission, or other elements needed for a video to be completed.

4. If needed, be ready to cover breaking news events.

Supervision received: Editor-in-Chief, Managing Editor, Chimes Visual Editor

Supervision of others: No direct supervision of others, although situations may call for guiding freelance videographers.


General:  Demonstrate working knowledge of videographer and editing skills. Good interpersonal skills. Previous internships or jobs in visual/audio editing are a plus, and prior classes in photography or videography are required.

Education and experiences: At the time of election or appointment, have completed at least one semester at Biola University with a full-time student status and currently be enrolled as a full-time student. Prior work or class experience in journalism or cinema is preferable. Prior work or class experience in photography or film is required.

This position receives a leadership scholarship. In order to retain their scholarship, the staff member must hold to expectations as outlined in a rubric.