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Kolbe Council Line Sept 2020
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Kolbe Council Line

September  2020

(Newsletter for St. Maximilian Kolbe Knights of Columbus Council 11355)

Faith In Action (Council Programs)

Family Programs

Ice cream social for Feast of Assumption:  The council provided donuts for the families participating in the Crowning of Mary after the feast of the Assumption Mass on Saturday, August 15th.  We wore masks, gloves and had a fairly good turnout considering the pandemic.  

Community Programs

Blood Drive: The Knights of Columbus help sponsor multiple blood drives at St.Max each year.  The next blood drive is scheduled for Thursday, September 10th from 12-6 in the gym.  

Make your appointment at:

There are still time slots available.

Contact blood drive chairman, Brother Paul Landers with any questions or if you can help in any way.  513 488-9091

Hunger 5K:  We could not do our usual Helping Hands community project at Matthew 25 Ministries this August.  The program will be rescheduled for later in the year.   

Matthew 25 is sponsoring a virtual 5K walk/run this year to take the place of their normal Hunger run/walk in November.  We have discussed having a team previously and this year seems like a good time to kick that off.  You can do the 5K walk/run any time from Nov 1st to the 7th. You can even choose to do it on a treadmill.  We need 6 people; brothers, spouses, children to form a team.  Registration is $19.00 per person and you get a T-shirt. Times will be recorded on the honor system.  Let me know if you are interested and I will send out additional information.  There is a max of 30 per team.  Once we get our six minimum, we can open it up to anyone in the Parish that would like to join in.

Team Name ideas:  St. Max Knights Against Hunger?

Contact Steve Thomas:   (513) 314-6123

Faith Programs

RSVP:  Since we will not be able to have our usual Oktoberfest this year in order to raise funds for our Seminarian scholarships, we are having discussions with Father Jim about possibly fundraising online with the Council matching some of these funds up to a certain amount.  The past 2 years we have provided four $500.00 scholarships for local Seminarians with our Oktoberfest dinner.  We may not be able to raise enough for four scholarships but it would certainly be nice to help out our Seminarians the best we can.

Football Fund Crazer Sweepstakes:  

The Grand Knight mailed out the Football Crazer tickets.  You should have received them by now.  We are asking you to sell or purchase three tickets at a cost of $20.00 each.  The council gets to keep a rebate on the tickets sold to help with our local charitable projects and the State Council uses these funds to help with Charities on the state level such as aid to the developmentally disabled, Catholic education and supporting Seminarians.  Send your ticket stubs and money to Brett Rose 6437 Cumberland Lake Ct, Fairfield Township, Ohio 45011

Sarah is posting a  PayPal button for tickets on the website, you will still have to send your stubs to Brett along with a note that you paid online with PayPal.

Star Council Update:

Our council is listed in the official list of Star Council award recipients.  This means for the last fraternal year, we met all of the criteria for the Columbian award for programming as well as meeting the criteria for membership, our insurance quota and we submitted all of our required forms and documentation by the dates due.  Congratulations to our brothers, it has been quite a while since we have been a Star Council.  We received the Columbian award the previous year but fell short on our membership and insurance numbers.  

The requirements for this year have changed somewhat.  The Columbian award still requires 4 programs in each of the Faith in Action categories; Faith, Family, Community and Life.  There are no required programs this fraternal year and there are some featured programs like RSVP, Coats for Kids, Habitat for Humanity, Food for Families that count as 2 programs.  We will review these in a later newsletter.

The membership quota has been reduced and instead of an insurance quota for this year, the requirement is to provide 2 Fraternal Benefit seminars. Our membership quota for this year is 9 new members and we have 1 to date, so 8 more to go.


Next Business Meeting: Sept 21st at 7:00pm; Rosary at 6:30pm

Next Social Meeting: Oct 6th at 7:00pm.  We are still virtual until further notice.

Here is link for the virtual meetings:

Mass Requests:  Each year we request Masses to be said for any of our brothers who have passed while an active member of our Council.  Historically we have also been requesting a Mass for any immediate family member of an active Knight who has passed in the past fraternal year.  Here are the names I currently have on my list for Mass requests.  Please let me know if I have missed anyone.  

Gerorge Gallaway, Walt Schafer, William Miller, Gerald Gonthier, David Starr, Xavier Lutz (son of Phillip Lutz, grandson of Steve Lutz).

We also have a Mass said each year for Rachel’s children-names enclosed in the capsule of the Rachel statue.

Send any updates to Steve Thomas:


The Catholic Telegraph:

Hopefully you all get the Catholic Telegraph, the Magazine of the Archdiocese of Cincinnati.  I have been pleasantly surprised at how much I like this magazine since they changed from the newspaper format to the monthly magazine.  There are many good articles in the September issue.  I particularly enjoyed the “I Vote Catholic” article, the “Gift of Freedom” article and be sure to catch the article entitled “Joyful Little Catholics” about St. Max’s own Zach Hinger and his Catholic Children’s books.