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                  English 12 (Periods 4 and 6) 


Kelly Barrett


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856-848-8200 x 539

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Google Classroom Period 4 code: zezrg8k

                           Period 6 code: cel5ur

Course Description

This course will focus mostly on American literature—fiction and nonfiction, novels as well as plays, short stories and essays, and even different types of film.   As we read and view these different works, we will consider one overarching question—how does an individual develop their identity and how then does that individual interact with the world around them? I believe that this question—of essentially who you are—is supremely appropriate for a senior English class, since soon you will be taking your own identities from a community you are perhaps quite familiar with into a larger world filled with a variety of individuals to connect with and communities to inhabit.


With that transition into life beyond Gateway in mind, we will also be using this literature as a medium through which we can practice the skills you will need beyond this classroom:  reading, writing, speaking, listening, viewing, and--most importantly--critical thinking.  These are the skills developed through the study of literature that help individuals fully engage with the society they are a part of.  Thus the goal of our units will be two-fold:  to understand how our identity is developed by the world around us and to perfect the skills all individuals need to be an active participant in that world.

        Themes                                      Content

MP1: Defining YOU                   / Creative Nonfiction

MP2: Identity Development     / Analyzing Fiction

MP3: Future Goals                 / Research

MP4: The Ever Evolving Self  / Analyzing Film and Drama

Course Expectations and Assessments

Grade Category




Tests, Essays, Independent Projects, Benchmarks



Quizzes, Short Assignments



Classwork assignments, openers, exit tickets




Course Policies 

        *Students may opt to retake a primary assessment after conferencing with me if they have completed all classwork and homework assignments. Retakes must occur before the next primary assessment.


        *When students miss classwork or homework, a quiz, or a test, they must be completed within 2 days after the return to school, or a schedule must be agreed upon after an extended absence. Please schedule a time to make up your quiz or test. Classwork and homework assignments will be available in Google classroom.

Required and Recommended Materials 


        I am happy to meet with students after school for extra help by appointment. Please see me in class or send me an email to schedule an appointment. Please come to your after school session prepared. 

Classroom Behavioral Expectations and Rewards/Consequences

When students break rules, they agree to a three strikes policy:

1st strike: warning/teacher conference

2nd strike: parent contact

3rd strike: log entry referral

*After 3 latenesses to class, a log entry will be submitted. A log entry will be submitted for each additional lateness to class.

*If you receive a log entry for cell phone use, and it continues to be a problem, for the remainder of the marking period you will place your cell phone in a docking station at the front of the room at the start of class, and you will have the responsibility of reclaiming it at the end of class after the bell.

*Rewards will be given weekly for “star” students, acts of kindness, and for going the extra mile to maintain a safe, tolerant classroom.

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