How to Prepare for

Young Leaders Program

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While you are at Young Leaders,  you will be unable to leave for shopping and other tasks.  As such, you should come well prepared for the adventure that awaits.

Personal Gear

You will receive polo-style uniform shirts, recreation t-shirt, backpack, lanyard, name tag, and other appropriate gear upon arrival.  In addition, please bring the following items with you to Young Leaders:

Standard Uniform

During Young leaders, you are expected to wear the standard uniform at all times, except the following:

The standard uniform includes a shirt, lanyard, and name tag which are provided.  It also includes the black pants, socks, shoes, belt etc as indicated in the Personal Gear section, above.

Do not bring a backpack, purse, bag, or satchel.  You will be issued an official Backpack as part of the program.  Unauthorized backpacks, purses, or other bags are not permitted.

For the recreation periods you may wear shorts, t-shirts, etc.

Do NOT Bring

Violation of the Rules can and will result in you going home.


You will need cash or credit/debit cards for the following items:

Other Items

No effort will be made to locate lost or stolen items.  You assume all risk by bringing expensive equipment to Young leaders.

How to Prepare for Young Leaders Program