-Comfortable Clothing


        -Detached, but chill about it

Character Stats

        -Blood -1

        -Heart 0

        -Mind 2

        -Spirit 1

Starting Factions

        -Mortality 1*

        -Night -1

        -Power 1

        -Wild 1

Intro Questions

        -Who are you?

My name is Roi, I am 21. I was born with these kickass magical powers and creatures keep trying to gank my shit in every sense of the word. Demons are trying to steal my power, wizards are trying to recruit me for their corps slash murder me out of jealousy for being wicked strong. Vamps and werewolves are trying to turn me. All kinds of uncool biznasty. I don’t talk to my parents much as they are mad unchill about magic in any form, I don’t even know where they live but that’s mostly because I don’t want some nasty mind-jacking their address. I was born on a blood moon in a hospital that was on top on a convergence of ley-lines so I’m j kind of stupid magic.

        -How long have you been in the city?

I’ve been in the city since I was 16, I ran away from home but my parents didn’t exactly stop me. It’s not that they didn’t care they just didn’t jive with all the magic biz, ya know?

        -What keeps you up at night?

I’m really scared of vamps turning me, I’d be more okay with a wolf getting to me but the vamps is just all politics and not having any fun and that’s a major turn off for me.

        -What have you sacrificed for your power?

I sacrificed a life with my family but it wasn’t 100% my choice.

        -What do you desperately need?

I need people who can keep up with me. (I’m terribly scared of being alone so I isolate myself and it’s a bad cycle)


        -A nice apartment

        -A crappy car

        -A decent cell phone

        -Snubnose Revolver (2-harm close loud reload concealable)


        -a testing ground

-magical booby traps

-a scattering of ancient relics

-a focus circle

        -it attracts otherworldly attention

                -most of the time it is just lousy with other-worldly crabs

-it contains many volatile substances

        -When you go into your sanctum to work on something, the MC tells you what it will take to complete your task, as if your sanctum was a mystical workspace.


        -You have a mystical focus item that helps you channel your magics. Without it, take -1 to Channeling.

        -Inflict +1 harm with your magics


        -Someone is helping you keep your demons at bay. You owe them a Debt

My therapist helps me work through my problems but I suspect they might be some kind of nasty.

        -Someone is your go-to when you get into trouble. You owe them 2 Debts

Me and Bryson’s character always go to each other when we’re in too deep but recently I’ve been getting in more hot shit than usual.

        -You are helping someone keep a dangerous secret. They owe you a Debt

The man that lives in the apartment below me is a werewolf I help chain him up when he’s getting rowdy. He’s a nice guy

        -Arwyn, a Faerie agent of Coyote

Wizard Moves

        -Channeling: When you channel and collect your magics, roll with Spirit. On a 10+, hold 3. On a 7-9, hold 3 and choose 1 from the list below. On a miss, hold 1, but you cannot channel again this scene.

• Take -1 ongoing until you rest

• Suffer 1-harm (ap)

• Mark corruption

Your hold lasts until you spend it. You can spend it to cast any spell you have as per the spell’s details.

        -Sanctum Sanctorum: When you go to your sanctum for a spell ingredient, relic, or tome, roll with Spirit. On a 10+, you’ve got pretty much just the thing. On a 7-9, you’ve got something close, but it’s flawed or lacking in some significant way. On a miss, you don’t have what you’re looking for, but you know someone who probably has it in stock.


        -Tracking: Spend 1 hold to learn the location of someone. You must have a personal object that belongs to the target or recent leavings of their body (a lock of hair, fingernail clippings, their blood, etc.).

        -Elementalism: You conjure the elements to strike out at your enemies. Spend 1 hold to use unleash an attack with your magic as a weapon (3-harm close or 2-harm close area).

        -Shielding: Spend 1 hold to provide armor+1 to yourself or someone nearby, or spend 2 holds to provide armor+1 to everyone in a small area, possibly including yourself. This armor lasts until the end of the scene. You can stack multiple uses of Shielding at once.

        -Veil: Spend 1 hold to make yourself invisible from sight for a few moments

-Teleport: Spend 1 hold to teleport yourself a short distance within a scene you’re in

-Hex: Spend 1 hold to inflict 1-harm (ap) on someone from any distance. You must have a sample of their hair, blood, or saliva to do so.

Drama Moves

        -Wizard Corruption Move: When you strike a deal with someone dark and powerful, mark corruption

        -Intimacy Move: When you share a moment of intimacy—physical or emotional—with another person, decide whether you care about them or not. If you don’t, they go about their business as normal. If you do, they take -1 ongoing to escape until they get some intimacy somewhere else

        -End Move: When you die, you may place a devastating curse on someone nearby. Specify the effects of the curse and how they may end it



        -1 harm






-Corruption | | _ _ _

Standard Advances

        -Advances available at beginning of play

- +1 Heart (max +3)

- +1 Mind (max +3)

- +1 Spirit (max +3)

- Add 2 features to your sanctum

- Take 3 more spells

- A move from another Archetype

- A move from another Archetype

- Change your Faction

        -After 5 advances you may select:

                - +1 to any stat (max +3)

- +1 any Faction (max +3)

- Erase a scar

- Remove a downside from your sanctum

- Add a benefit to your focus

- Advance 3 basic moves

- Advance 3 basic moves

- Retire your character to safety

- Change to a new Archetype

Corruption Advances

        - Take a corruption move

- Take a corruption move

- Take a corruption move

- Take a corruption move from another Archetype

- Retire your character. They may return as a Threat

Corruption Moves

        -The Dark Arts: When you unleash an attack with magic or psychic energies, mark corruption to roll with Spirit instead of Blood for the rest of the scene

        -Upon a Pale Horse: Mark corruption and speak the true name of an NPC in the scene to inflict 3-harm (ap) on them.

        -Black Magic: Mark corruption to ignore a requirement set by the MC when using your sanctum.

        -Warding: Mark corruption to create a magical ward the size of a small room. The ward lasts for a month and a day or until you release it.