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Form 1- ISSE Application
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Form 1-2018  One to Administrative Office, One for School






Phone (303) 666-5010  

 Name of school __________________________________________________________________________ Address where all correspondence is to be mailed ________________________________________________



  1. The visiting team from the partner school will have no necessary expenses while they are guests in our school community, and the same arrangement will apply while our visiting team is being hosted by the partner school.
  2. As a visiting school, we shall try to send a visiting team of boys and girls and up to two adults (including one teacher) of the school (at least 21 years old) to the partner school for 2-4 weeks.  Chaperones are not to be a parent from the visiting team.
  3. As a host school, we shall locate a home for each of the visiting team from the partner school (students and adults) and will work out a program with them so that each of the children in our school has an opportunity to meet them during the 2-4 week visit.
  4. The school exchange fee of one hundred fifty dollars ($150.00 US) is payable for each exchange and shall be sent to the National Representative with this application.  However, this fee is not required during the first exchange.  Said officer will forward fee to the Administrative Office.
  5.  Any school not participating in their designated exchange will be charged a $50.00 (US) penalty fee and that school will lose one year of exchange in the next drawing.
  6. U.S. Schools, only shall forward a $50.00 registration fee for each member of the visiting team (children and adult) to the ISSE Administrative Office.


Signed _____________________________________________________Title_______________________


Print Name_______________________________________________________Date _________________



APPLICATION: The above named school has been accepted into the ISSE program:


National Representative  _________________________________________ Date_______________

Administrator __________________________________________________ Date _______________



PARTNERSHIP: The above named school hereby accepts the invitation to participate in the ISSE program with:


School ___________________________________________________________________________________

Hosting Dates _______________________________     Visiting Dates_________________________________    Signed __________________________________________________      Title ___________________________