Aviation W&B Calculator


Dear Captains,

Since it was first introduced, back in 2011, Aviation W&B Calculator became an integral tool in more than 40,000 pilots flight bag worldwide.


Unfortunately, due to frequent changes in the iOS platform in the last couple of years we could no longer support the app and it had to be suspended. In the last 8 months we have teamed up and worked closely to release a new version of the app. The app had to be built from scratch in a new technology, which set new challenges but we do believe it is built better and more scalable, allowing us to add new features more easily.



On May 1st 2018, Aviation W&B Calculator 2.0 will be submitted to Apple App Store for approval. Once the approval is granted (1 to 4 weeks) the app will be available for usage.

New App Highlights


Old App Data

Since the new app database structure differ from the old app database moving existing data to the new app is not doable. Existing users who are still using the old app please make sure you copy/screenshot any important data (such as envelope points, stations etc...) before updating to the new app once available.

New App Cost

We would like to thank you for keeping up with us!

More updates to come prior the release, until then, stay balanced.

Thank you,

Roy and Yuval Kronenfeld  

Aviation W&B Calculator Team.