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IOP's Hydraledger HYD - Details
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Internet of People’s



What Is the Hydra Ledger (HYD)?

Hydra is a token on a modern ledger side-chain capable through atomic timeswap bridges that allows the creation of decentralized applications designed to make dapps usable on the web. On top runs a second-layer DID protocol offering more functionalities than current NFT ever could.

The network runs on a delegated Proof-of-Stake (dPoS) consensus mechanism, which has good scalability with ultra low fees that make it perfect for creating a new more decentralized world. For example, everything that today has a barcode (is centralized), eventually will have a DID on a Ledger with all the advantages that blockchain offers: Trust, Traceability, Verifiability, Security, Open, Gatekeeper-free.

HYD is the native utility token of the Hydra Ledger that is used for:

* Generating fees for processing transactions and storing data.

* Running validator nodes on the network via staking Hydra tokens at high rates.

* Used for governance votes to determine how network resources are allocated.

* Creating Verifiable Claims (VC) & Decentralized Identifiers (DID), that offer greater flexibility and possibilities than NFT today.

Hydraledger is the brainchild of Markus Maiwald, an early Bitcoin investor, serial entrepreneur, co-founder and active advisor to several crypto projects like PIVX and Vendible.

The invention of the Hydra Ledger has the goal to solve some shortcomings of current ledgers with their overblown and yet not-so-Smart Contracts. By adhering to the open-source developed standards of web3 identity from the W3C Foundation, the concept of Hydraledger's VC & DID allow not only to create tokenized assets and digital ownership, but it goes far beyond that and allows also the complete management of ownership rights, credentials and their access levels, and much more.

This finally makes a blockchain smart enough to replace common ERP systems and supply chain management systems. Additionally, it creates fast possibilities for complete digital rights management from patents to fine grained royalties based on contracts in a given space for a defined time period.

Hydraledger is using smart transactions, similar to what taproot might offer to Bitcoin in the future and this combined with the DID protocol on top makes the Hydra token more versatile and attractive and useful than any other free, open and gatekeeper-less blockchain technology out there.

In short: VC & DID are the smarter NFT and Hydra Ledger is the better Blockchain for the private sector and industries.


“The Internet of People'' is a very unique crypto project that steers technological progress for the greater good with the people in mind, maximizing freedom, raising poverty by maximizing prosperity options, giving people access to knowledge and tools that  protect their wealth, protecting their data and enhancing security from corporations and states. IOP is putting the focus away from IOT back to the people - we, the people, are the center and in all future robots and agents must serve to enhance our living, but not to control and keep us in check.

For this we create decentralized digital identities as opposed to central issued identities that could be erased from bad corporations or rogue state actors anytime and erase whole lives. We secure with the help of cryptography tied to timestamped proofs on a blockchain, that nobody can be de-platformed, his wallets frozen or his identity eliminated.

The first flagship product and foundation in this long year plan is the Hydra Ledger/Blockchain combined with a Layer-2 DID solution on top: High scaling, allowing private side chains, dapps and atomic swaps through smart bridges.

IOP’s decentralized identities (DID) system is blockchain agnostic, this SSI/DID Layer-2 solution could be plugged to any blockchain, private or public.

The second project is a p2p encrypted communication protocol (being DIDcom compatible) to allow censorship-free p2p exchange of DIDs across wallets and chains, send any kind of messages and make transactions between wallets that use DIDcom as well. That makes various DID solutions in different wallets interoperable and compatible. The Hydraledger is launching in Summer 2021 its first Smartbridge to the Ethereum network and will become the first Cross-Chain-Interoperable DID & VC solution in the whole crypto space at lowest fees with attractive staking rewards and an active community governance. IOP aims to become in 2022 the de facto open-source and free standard of DIDs for crypto projects, as it is open-source, has no barriers of entry and is gatekeeper-free (censorship impossible).


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Blockchain Overview

Blockchain Name        - Hydra Ledger

Token Name                - Ħydra

Abbreviation (Ticker) - $HYD

Token Symbol                - 1 Ħ (Hydra) = 100 000 000 ħ (Flakes)

Hydra Logo                - (JPEG)
                        - (PNG)

Algorithm                - SHA256

Consensus Type        - DPoS

DPoS Delegates        - 53 active forging, over 100 active on standby

Blockchain features:

- Smart transactions (faster and safer than Smart Contracts, similar to taproot)

- Atomic swaps

- Timelock based tokens and wallets

- Multisig feature

- Sidechains (create your own blockchain with its own token economics in just two minutes.

- DID (Decentralized Identifiers)

- VC (Verifiable Claims)

- SSI (Self-Sovereign Identity) HD Wallet

- etc, etc

Token Economics

Block Reward                    - 8 Ħ

Price Decimals           - 0.00000001 or 1 Ħ (Hydra) = 100 000 000 ħ (Flakes)

Block time                - 12 seconds

Coin supply                - 368133176Ħ

- check current supply online here:

- REST/API access:

Cold Staking         ← Token forging delegates that you vote share their rewards with their voters

Staking Calculator                -


Official website                -

Whitepaper                        -

Wallet Link                        -

BlockExplorer Link                -

Github Source Code                -

Developer Documentation        -

Hydra tools (for Developers - read the documentation above):

Market details

isted exchanges

  1. 1. XT
  2. 2. Hotbit
  3. 3. Stex

If you are from US or another restricted country then we suggest you use a VPN Service to access the Exchanges for trading cryptocurrencies:

Good VPN                 -

If you need white gloves support and a red carpet service to get Hydra OTC, then we suggest you take this Telegram channel, which is the ONLY legit OTC that you can trust:

Telegram Hydra OTC Service        -

Social Media

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Press Releases & Marketing Material

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Article - IOP has created a usable DID solution - Interview with AMA&QA -


We don’t accept Institutions that grab big chunks of the communities’ stake. We are organized as a DAO. Nevertheless, of course we would welcome a small private investor group of max 3 investors that want to get in early and secure a stake in the network and help push this project to more awareness and bigger exchangers.

Description of Hydra Token, and the IOP Stack

The IOP Stack allows digital identity (DID) management on the basis of a self-sovereign identity framework (SSI) and a dedicated hydra blockchain ($HYD).

On top, with its atomic locked features and smartbridges it can connect to other blockchains and ecosystems, and thus HYDRA offers the world’s first industry-grade and production-ready cross-chain DID & VC management solution that replaces NFT.

The credo is open, independent and secure - which means, the Hydraledger is permissionless and censorship resistant.

The result: A reliable identification, authentication and authorization of digital identities or identity features based on W3C standards with the use of verifiable evidence on a technical, legal and business level.

Industries & Solutions


  1. The Company IOP Global GmbH (Made in Germany) is already building on top of the IOP Stack a production ready Credentials & Identity Access Management Console based on DID’s from the Hydraledger. The customer never sees crypto and can conveniently pay per use with any Credit card.
    The company just got founded and is planning for 2022 a series A round.
    You can find and contact them here:

  1. The Company Deep Art Effects is creating digital artwork and is one of the most successful creative apps of its kind on the markets. Their latest project is giving the user the possibility to create digital artwork with the verifiable claim of authenticity and authorship / copyright on the Hydra Ledger. You can find their app here:

  1. IOP Ventures LLC is working on a Digital Notary Service similar to The alpha version is already in testing and will be the first public ledger based digital notary.

Near Future Roadmap

Q1 2021        -  FINISHED !!!!

Creating a Smartbridge

The Smartbridge will use Hashed Time-Locked Contracts for Atomic Swaps between Hydraledger and other Blockchains

The idea is this:
Anybody and anything can decide to create a DID and store the verifiable claim (hash) on the Blockchain of their choice. We bring DIDs to the mainstream.

Q2 2021 - FINISHED !!!

Connecting to the Ethereum Network

The Smartbridge will allow you to convert HYD to wHYD on our site as well as on Uniswap, etc - they can stake and create Liquidity pools.

Q3 2021

Connecting to Binance Smart Chain

Connecting to TRON

        Connecting to Bitcoin

Q4 2021

Connecting to Cardano

        Connecting to Polkadot Chain

        Connecting to Solana

        Connecting to Mina


A doctor is storing each and every step of an interaction with the patient in his SSI Wallet. Necessary data like Vaccination he can put on a public government ledger, without revealing other personal information of his patient. The Patient can store this vaccinated DID in his personal SSI wallet as well, and proof in the airport that he is vaccinated, without revealing any personal information.

A company like Package Delivery could create per customer a SSI very cheap on Hydraledger (100 times cheaper than Micro$oft’s ION solution) or its own Sidechain of Hydraledger. Then they create a shipping process, and each and every step gets a new DID connected to this SSI on the company sidechain. Once the Package is delivered, the delivery will be stored on a public Blockchain as well for future proof.

The use cases are endless..