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Hi United Families,

This is Travis Cheatham at Carver-Indian Spring United – I wanted to reach out because as of right now it looks like you haven’t registered your student for our school yet.  We know registration can feel like a frustrating and time consuming process, so we wanted to reach out to offer a few tips:

  1. All Online- Just like last year you can fully complete your registration online (including adding attachments) by going to:!login 

  1. Help- For username, password, and shot questions – look at this graphic below:

  1. No Changes?- If you have NOT moved, changed phone numbers, or want to change emergency contact information, you can click ‘Next’ through the first several pages.  If you DO want to change any of that information this is where you can make those changes.

  1. Saving- every time you click ‘Next’ to go to the next page your registration saves, so if needed you can start registration and resume where you left off just by clicking ‘Next’ until you get back to the page you left off on.

  1. Errors- If the registration page ever freezes up or doesn’t seem to be working, we encourage you to close the page, sign back in, and then click ‘Next’ until you get back to where you left off.

  1. Forms- Towards the end of online registration there are several forms you will need to complete, some things may not be relevant to you at all, but they are required for all families to complete nonetheless.  Just complete these to the best of your ability.  Each form ends with you needing to type in your signature and to type in today’s date.  If it gives you an error, scroll back up to see if there a field you didn’t answer, sometimes the fields may not make a lot of sense based on your prior answers, but it may want you to confirm a detail again.

  1. Documents- Towards the end there are also several documents that you have to open to read.  All you have to do is open the document and then click to confirm that your read the document.

  1. Attachments- One of the very last sections is for attachments.  If your student attended Waco ISD last year, the only documents we will need is your student’s current shot record and a copy of your driver’s license or photo ID.  Here’s the process to upload documents:
  1. Select the attachment type from the drop down menu. (You will see a lot of options, but for returning students the only ones we need are ‘Driver's License/Photo ID’ & ‘Immunization Record’)

  1. Click ‘Choose File’ to select your attachment.
  1. Already have a picture/document? - you can now select it from where you saved it
  2. Need to take a picture? If you haven’t taken a picture yet, you can use a phone or tablet to take a picture and then upload it from that device.

  1. After you have selected the file, you must click ‘Add Attachment’
  2. Wait for this to process and the file should appear in the list below with today’s date. (You may have to scroll down to see it)  If you do not see the attachment listed, try to upload the document again.
  3. Having Trouble? Just skip this step and come to the school during normal business hours to see if you can have us make a copy of the shot record and driver’s license.

  1. Am I really done? – Once you have uploaded your ID & shot record and gotten to the last screen of online registration where it gives you a ‘Webfile Confirmation Number’, CONGRATS – you are now done with registration!  You do not need to do anything else, just read over this information about changes for this new school year:

  1. Can I come in person?   From 8/1 until the start of school our hours will not be set due to a variety of required trainings our staff have to attend.  We recommend you complete registration online and if you need assistance to email one of our registrars.  If you need to drop off documents that should be fine as long as our registrars aren’t in the middle of a required training.
  1. As of 8/4, hours currently are as follows:
  1. Friday 8/5 8 AM-12 PM, 1-3 PM
  2. Monday 8/8- 1-3:45
  3. Tuesday 8/9- AM-12 PM
  4. Wednesday 8/10- AM-12 PM, 1-3 PM
  5. Thursday 8/11- AM-12 PM, 1-3 PM

  1. Have any other questions?  Just let us know!
  1. Carver: or 254-757-6271
  2. Indian Spring: or 254-757-6294
  1. You can also text Travis Cheatham at 254-710-9210