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BIP Fellowship
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Build In Public Fellowship

Learn how to share your startup story better, expand your luck surface area on the Internet and grow your business faster organically

💡 Quick intro: Build In Public Fellowship is a curated community for ambitious solo founders who’re ready to commit to learn and apply the underlying principles of building in public while also fostering deep relationships with other like-minded peers in a give-first global community.



Building in public as a solo founder can be incredibly hard and challenging.

If you already began your journey, you know that it’s not about just tweeting memes.

You are often stressed, overwhelmed, constantly second-guessing your content, feeling like you’re not doing it right, upset with the lack of quick results, and almost wanting to quit daily.

Now, I want you to imagine a better you. A future you.

Imagine if you discovered and applied a unique set of mindsets, strategies and tactics which ultimately transformed you into being prolific, confident, supported, inspired and happy.

Now imagine that you didn’t walk alone in this new territory but in fact surrounded by like-minded, ambitious and kind founders who have your back all through the ups and downs.

That’s what I wish existed when I first started my journey in 2018 but it didn’t and I had to cobble together my own resources and Masterminds to keep me going.

Now I am building this Fellowship to help others get to the destination faster.


Build In Public Fellowship is a 6-week immersive cohort-based learning experience and a curated community for solo founders who aspire to get better at sharing their story with the world.

The first cohort kicks off on March 6, 2023 with a limited number of seats.

Apply to be a founding member

Why should you consider this?

Mastering building in public will help you with 3 things:

  1. Becoming a better storyteller (your startup needs you for this as a founder)
  2. Attracting serendipitous opportunities on the Internet
  3. Building a long-lasting network with other ambitious founders globally

Other reasons why should consider building in public

Note: Contrary to popular belief, building in public doesn’t mean extreme transparency all the time risking your customers and business. It is a broad philosophy of sharing, has many flavors and you can create the one that works for you.

What do you get?

6 weeks of live and interactive virtual workshops from world-class experts with proven track record on organic channels like: Twitter, Linkedin, Podcasts, TikTok, Product Hunt and more. Hosted & facilitated by me (KP).

We’ll cover the basics of leveraging each channel along with insider secrets, tools & automations.


Topics include: (the final list may evolve/change

How to get started with build in public, How to find your audience, your voice and tone & manner, How to leverage Social Media for your startup (specific sessions for Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram & TikTok), How to leverage Product-Launch momentum for your startup (specific sessions for Product Hunt, Product-Launch Formula, Product & Side-product-led-growth) and more.

Plus Orientation on WEEK 1 and DEMO DAY on WEEK 6 to showcase your progress.

Plus tens of proven templates and frameworks in our ever-growing content library.

A typical week will look like this: (all live sessions are for 60-90 min long and start at 1pm ET)

Note: In case you miss a session, everything will be recorded and shared within 24 hours.

The final curriculum will be iterated and adapted to address the top goals and challenges Fellows have based on the onboarding survey. This openness and iteration mindset has proven to work really well over the years! See this ⤵️

Social Proof

KP is OG BIP", Paul Yacoubian, Founder, Copy AI

"KP helped me a lot in understanding what it takes to build in public: clarity, consistency, commitment.", Louise Bayssat, Prev founded Hera (YCS21)

The community KP built at OD's NoCode program had the best culture of any online community I've ever participated. Plus, "builds in public" = boldness. He has mastered skills that are foundational to the discovery, evaluation, & coaching of the next generation of great founders. - Alan Glennon

When you look at people who are successful, you will find that they aren’t the people who are motivated, but have consistency in their motivation. KP has been consistent in his effort to uplift everyone around him! - Bhanu Vadlakonda

You've inspired 1000's of people to get up and go whether it's building-in-public, grasping NoCode or simply launching & learning the right way. - Glenn McWhinney

Before the fellowship

After the fellowship

Why me?

I’m KP and I love helping founders and building communities to serve them.

4 years ago, I was a no body in the tech / startup world. I had 414 followers on Twitter and a dead-end corporate job in Atlanta. But as I got deeper into the no-code movement online, I fell in love with building in public which became the theme of my career ever since.

Now because of that I have been able to accomplish the following inflection points within the last few years:

Finally, below is a deep dive interview of me recorded while I was at my last job which captures my career arc and my philosophy quite clearly: 

Our values

The First Cohort

The first cohort kicks off on Monday March 6, 2023 with a limited number of seats.

Apply to be a founding member

Fireside Chat Guests:

Each cohort will have a world-class line up of special speakers who’re practitioners of the craft so you can learn from them in interactive live AMA sessions.

For the first cohort, we have 3 incredible guests confirmed so far:

  1. Dru Riley, Founder of

2) Vedika Jain, Partner at Weekend Fund, past @TrueLayer @Stripe

3) Sharath Kuruganty, Head of Community at Threado, Exited Shoutout

Arvid Kahl, Founder, FeedbackPanda(exited), Author of Zero To Sold, Embedded Entrepreneur and Find Your Following

Incoming Fellows

  1. Gary Darna (Founder, MicroMerch)
  2. Lola Ojabowalola (Founder, Lunch Pail Labs)
  3. Candice Ammori (Founder, ClimateVine)
  4. Chris Strobl (Founder, SalesMachine)
  5. Miguel Muñoz Duarte (Professor of Entrepreneurship & Innovation)
  6. Owen Willis (Prev at On Deck & Angel Investor)
  7. Michelle Marcelline (Founder, Typedream (YCW20))
  8. Katt Risen (Founder, No-Code Exits)
  9. Rachel G Barnard (Founder, Parenthood Ventures)
  10. And more

Time commitment

We encourage you to commit to 1-3 hours each week for live sessions, masterminds and office hours.

What’s the investment?

There are 2 pricing tiers based on the value offered.


TIER 1. BIP Fellowship Cohort Bundle [SAVE YOUR SPOT NOW]

 💡 You get:

Early bird pricing is $2000 until Feb 21st, 2023 after which it will be $2500. [You can pay once or in 4 installments]

Apply to get accepted into the founding cohort. Link here.

LIMITED TIME BONUS: For the first 30 slots in this bundle, you get the following additional bonuses (first-come-first-serve) if you reserve your spot quickly:



TIER 2. BIP Fellowship Cohort & Mastermind Bundle [SAVE YOUR SPOT NOW]

 💡 You get:

Apply to get accepted into the founding cohort. Link here.

Early bird pricing is $2500 until Feb 21st, 2023 after which it will be $3000. [You can pay once or in 4 installments]

LIMITED TIME BONUS: For the first 30 slots in this bundle, you get the following additional bonuses (first-come-first-serve) if you reserve your spot quickly:



Note: If you are an On Deck or Day One Fellow, DM me or email me for a special discount code on all bundles. I’m grateful for those two communities which took a bet on me & led me to my calling and would love to support any alumni interested in joining our Fellowship.


The most powerful person in the world is the storyteller. The storyteller sets the vision, values, and agenda of an entire generation that is to come.” — Steve Jobs