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MARCH & APRIL                                                                                                                                                                                          MAY & JUNE

March 21

EJ arrives at 17:44 / Scylla’s Video / On Facebook

May 01

George brings a big headless fish / He incubates for 2 hours

April 02

Darvic female  BLUE DB (2010)

(ringed near Carrbridge in July 2010 (probably nest A11) with parents Blue XD and Green J)

May 02

George brings a fish that EJ does not take / He incubates and defends the nest three times, intruder is unringed

April 08

First  unringed male arrives at 18:00  (this male was nicknamed ”Newman” in the forum)

May 03 & 04

Two tiny fish tails brought for EJ / He attempts to mate / He starts incubating less

April 09

First fish brought to EJ by the male (Newman)

May 05

Half a fish for EJ / Unsuccessful mating attempts / He incubates twice for short periods

April 14

Another unringed male at LG (possibly “George”)

May 06

George  on nest twice for less than 2 minutes / He does not incubate / 1 failed mating attempt

April 16

Two unringed males,  one of them  is Newman (= first male) / The other male brings a fish

The unringed male that brought the fish was  very likely George

May 07

Another day with EJ in charge of incubation / George on the nest for less than a minute in the morning, no mating attempt / EJ had three comfort breaks, two were about 6 minutes long (each) / EJ returned wet from her last break / Unringed intruder tried to land on the nest twice / George not present during intrusion / No fish brought to the nest / Over 48 hours without fish / 17 days to hatching

April 17

EGG #1 at 02:25 / Blog / EJ doesn’t incubate Egg#1

May 08

Another day with EJ waiting patiently and incubating on her own / 72 hours without fish / Three comfort flights / George on the nest twice, first time in & out, second time to mate (1 minute max.) / 16 days to hatching

April 18

A Blue ringed female clashes with EJ / Tries to land

May 09

Over 96 hours (04 days) without fish

April 20

EGG #2  c21:09  / EJ starts incubating her two eggs

Darvic male Blue NU7 (2015)  / On Facebook

(Male  hatched in 2015 at a nest near the top end of Loch Ness)

May 10 & 12

Observations that EJ has lost many feathers

Discussions on George’s behaviour

George visits nest very briefly only for a paddle on EJ’s back

Report from LG that a male osprey flew over the nest with a fish but didn’t land

Report from Alison saying EJ had been bathing and drinking

EJ -  7 days without fish

April 21

George in the nestcup kicking / Scylla’s video:  (Is he kicking or nestcupping?)

Picture of Eggs #1 (lighter) and #2 (darker at back)

EJ eats  end of her fish on the nest

First time George incubates (not for long) / BNN’s video / G sits as EJ watches /

May 13

 09:49 George delivers a fish AT LAST / He incubates for 2h30m

Unringed intruder lands on the campost (Alison’s photos)

Blue ringed intruder lands on the nest and tries again but lands on campost

George not there to help defend

April 22

Darvic  male  Blue HF0 (2014) / Alison’s report

(male,  ringed on 8th July 2014 near Loch Moy / one of three chicks)

May 14

Blue FN3 (2015) 

(male ringed near Aboyne in July 2015, one of two chicks)

April 24

EGG #3 at 22:09

May 16

EJ catches her own fish / Eggs unattended for 1 hr17m

April 25

G accepts Egg#3 and incubates

May 17 to 25

May 18

Eggs unattended for very long periods, varying from 3 hours to over 13 hours

Odin - last seen one year ago  / EJ catches her own fish

April 27

New Male named GEORGE

May 25

May 26

EJ catches her own fish

George brings a fish / He incubates but not for long

April 29

Darvic male Blue NW3 (2015) / Alison’s photo and report

(ringed on the 9th July 2015 near Loch Fleet, Sutherland, he was one of two chicks)

May 27 & 29

May 31

June 02

June 05

June 06

June 08

George brings two fish / He incubates after fish deliveries

George brings a fish

George brings a fish / He incubates

George brings a fish / Unringed male intruder

Blue Darvic male intruder (number not identified)

Last fish from George to EJ in June / EJ often seen catching her own fish in local lochan and fishery as from  June 10

Fish Skeleton.jpg  March & April:

14 from George / 1 other maybe not

Fish Skeleton.jpg May & June: 

14 by George to EJ

03 by George not taken by EJ

14 EJ caught herself

04 EJ caught herself, but no evidence

June 15

Blue NU7(2015) (second visit to LG, first one on April 20)

June 18 & 19

All three unviable eggs taken by pine marten / Egg#1 - Egg#2 - Egg#3

June 22

Male Blue NF2 on nest with EJ and George  / On Facebook

Blue JC6 in camera tree, then on nest with EJ  / On Facebook

June 25

White DP (female / ring left leg) On Facebook  / Photo in Portugal

She was ringed near Stirling on 17/07/2016 -  Update on Facebook on August 26









Fish Skeleton.jpg July & August    00  by George to EJ ✔    |||      EJ caught 05 herself  















PP7 & Unringed female






















EJ last seen




OFF-SEASON OBS - LOCH GARTEN NEST - 07 August 2018 ~ March 2019

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Aug 11

Blue NF2 (16) on the camera tree

July 28    

Neil McIntyre - Brilliant photo of EJ by Billy Currie (Scroll down the post for more photos)


July 21   

Aviemore Ospreys - A brilliant image of EJ flying right down the lens, this is just one of many taken by Danny Moore of EJ, you can see more at Danny Moore Images (the photo was taken on July 08)

Rothiemurchus Twitter - Good Morning guided session today. 8 dives 5 fish!! Blue FN2 taking a fish along with an unringed bird. Then EJ fishing caught a fish and dropped it then fished again and dropped it again unfortunately.Then Blue AU6 making his usual appearance and taking another fish!

July 20


BLOG by Chris T - Update...but no much to report!

July 19   

A9 Birds - To celebrate her 21st birthday, we're releasing this new canvas print of female Osprey White EJ. She was ringed by ringer (and fine artist) Keith Brockie at a nest near Bridge of Cally, Perth & Kinross on 14 July 1997. She is known to have first bred in Strathspey in 2002, and first bred at the famous Loch Garten nest two years later. Her last two breeding seasons have seen nest failures, though at 21 years of age there can still be a chance she'll successfully raise young in future years - another veteran Strathspey Osprey female, ringed Green J, last bred at the age of 25 back in 2016. Please message us for print prices, and note that a percentage of all Osprey prints sold go to our supported charity the Roy Dennis Wildlife Foundation

July 18


Aviemore Ospreys - (Reply by Gordon) 5.35 much better light and I'm sure that was EJ and an unringed male fishing together... no chasing each other around and one in right after the other.... EJ first.

July 17   

July 16   

Aviemore Ospreys - 5 or 6 osprey again this morning.... pretty grey and wet, we had a little half hr of good light and some nice osprey action, EJ had a couple of dives... dropped a fish but didn't seem to bothered, don't think she came back but could be wrong, but yet again she was here diving away. 

(Reply by Alan MacLeay) - Based on the photos I took it looks like EJ is catching fish with just her right claw. Not sure if she has a problem with her left claw but it could explain the dropped fish. Something for people to watch out for.

July 15   

July 14


BLOG by Lorna B - Intruder alert! PP7 and unringed female


© RSPB Loch Garten (Enhancement by BNN)

Aviemore Ospreys - Not sure if that 5 or 6 ospreys so far this morning.... it's only 6.05am.... last bird was EJ .

July 13   

RSPB Loch Garten Abernethy - EJ decided to play hide and seek this morning - but we found her in among some low trees enjoying a fishy snack!

We've also had great views of a playful otter in Loch Garten and a sparrowhawk pinch one of our chaffinches at the feeding station!!

© RSPB Loch Garten (Enhancement by BNN)

July 12   

Aviemore Ospreys - 5 ospreys fished this morning with loads of false dive, for those that follow EJ she dived and missed, dived and dropped a fish and is right now sitting in a dead tree with a young male right beside her, both look settled and have been sitting beside each other for 20 mins, so it's a male she knows for sure. 6.32am

July 11   

July 10   

Aviemore Ospreys - A wet and grey morning, 5 different ospreys this morning... including EJ (confirming EJ caught a fish)

July 09   

July 08 

03:16 - Day Cam

04:57 - Scylla’s vid - EJ and GJ’s early morning performance

06:40 - EJ spotted fishing at the Aviemore Lochan    

09:37 - EJ in the Love Tree with her fish

17:26 - EJ still there in the Love Tree

18:33 to 18:41 - EJ on the nest

Scylla’s vid - Wet EJ has early evening potter, last sighting of the day

23:10 - Night Cam


BLOG by Lorna B - Meet the team: Lorna

Aviemore Ospreys - Crazy morning for lots of reasons, had some real aggression between two males early in, almost had an osprey in the water with another diving on it not at a fish but at the other osprey while it was in the water, then an osprey being chased across the pond by a hoodie crow.. only for the osprey to turn on the hoodie and look like it was going to kill it.

The guys tell me that's 8 or 9 ospreys that have fished and we had 12 different ospreys here, send last osprey was EJ and she dived missed and dived again... flew straight at the hide twice, with and without a fish.... in perfect light so you can imagine the images of EJ we have this morning, along with all the other ospreys, it's only 6.40am and it's been...... spectacular.

EDIT -   Fabulous image of EJ taken on July 08 but posted on FB on July 21

July 07     

03:19 - Day Cam

03:58 - Scylla’s vid - GJ in and out, then both in, mating

04:25 to 04:32 - Both back on the nest

11:22 to 12:38 - EJ on nest / She leaves

12:43 to 13:51 - EJ back on nest / She leaves

17:29 to 17:32 - Scylla’s vid - EJ shows off shadow from campost, flies off high into the sky

21:01 to 21:06 - EJ on nest

23:27 - Night Cam

MaryGK’s lovely report and photos of her visit to LG today

RSPB Loch Garten Abernethy - Osprey update: Blue JC6 an intruding osprey on the 22 June is a two year old male ringed in Glen Tanar on the 10 July 2016. Interestingly, Blue FN3, another intruding osprey seen on the 13 May was also ringed at Glen Tanar the previous year.

© RSPB Loch Garten

July 06   

03:45 - Day cam

04:07 - Scylla’s vid - Skydancing, EJ comes to nest, waits, leaves

04:25 - Scylla’s vid - GJ pays a short visit

05:03 - EJ back for a short time

05:35 - EJ spotted fishing at the Aviemore lochan  

09:50 - EJ on nest briefly, then to the Love Tree

12:16 to 12:42 - Scylla’s vid - EJ leaves tree, defends nest, messes it up nestorising

13:19 to 16:17 - EJ in the camera tree relaxing

16:18 - EJ is joined by a male, possibly George

16:44 to 16:51 - EJ in the camera tree

17:05 - EJ in the Love Tree

18:26 & 19:38 - EJ on the nest

23:37 - Night cam

23:47 - Scylla’s vid - Pine Marten visits, scent marks nest twice

Aviemore Ospreys - 5.35am 5 different ospreys in already...... last one was EJ, on her way back with a fish now.

July 05   

02:55 - Day cam

03:31 to 03:38 - EJ lands, faint skydancing heard / EJ flaps now and then / Skydancing closer and louder, goes on for a while

03:40 to 03:43 - Both on the nest, mantling back to back / EJ leaves, George stays looking out towards the back

03:56 - George flies off

Scylla’s vid - Skydancing, EJ to nest responding, GJ lands, mutual mantling

04:30 - George is back with a stick, he flies up to campost / EJ lands on nest, George down to nest to mate

CC’s vid - GJ visits with stick

CC’s vid - GJ flies down to mate

Scylla’s snapshots and vid - EJ after the mating

05:40 - EJ catches a fish at the lochan in Aviemore     

09:39 - EJ int the Love Tree with her fish

14:22 - EJ flies off

PTZ cam looks for EJ, sounds heard off cam, wing flutters

Nest cam on, EJ on the nest. Who was with her? Only back of the osprey visible

14:33 - EJ flies off

Scylla’s vid - EJ from tree to meet GJ on the nest, cam too slow, mating heard

15:08 - Faint calls heard from afar

15:15 - PTZ cam on, EJ in the camera tree / Lots of preening

16:35 - EJ flies from the tree to the nest and straight off

16:37 - She’s back and moves sticks / She flies up to the campost, then off to a tree in the distance

18:25 to 18:31- EJ on the campost, she squeals as if someone is around / Five minutes later she flies down to the nest, she doesn’t stay long, she leaves

18:37 - Another brief visit from EJ

19:55 - EJ flies from campost down to the nest with a stick / She rearranges some stick / She flies to campost, then she leaves

21:35 - A mystery visitor with a fish? Is it George or another? Puzzle to be solved (Scylla, wink wink)

BNN’s vid - Unringed male with fish touches down, GJ comes to mate

Aviemore Ospreys - Think that's 5 ospreys fished so far, EJ had a huge dive and missed than a quick sharp turn before diving again and getting a fish, some monster dives this morning.

July 04   

02:52 - Day cam

04:34 - Scylla’s vid - GJ stakes his claim second morning running

04:41 to 04:51 - Scylla’s vid - EJ to campost with stick, GJ to nest, mantling , mating

05:10 - EJ returns with a stick, she shifts it / She flies up to the campost , then off, unseen

BNN’s vid - EJ brings a stick, then up to campost

05:58 - Scylla’s vid - What bird on the osprey nest?

06:34 - EJ descends from campost, she poters and stands on the right

07:34 - She leaves

Amazing photo of EJ taken by Chris Wilson at the lochan on June 19 (Thank you, Moffer and Chris Wilson)

11:07 to 11:45 - EJ spends time on the nest preening, moving twigs and watching around her

14:40 - Scylla’s vid - EJ flies in mantle-flapping, soon flies off again

16:47 - EJ flies past the nest

17:10 - Scylla’s vid - EJ checks the nest suspiciously again

23:42 - Night cam

RSPB Loch Garten Abernethy - A lovely start to the morning with EJ sitting majestically on the nest. Thanks to Alice Hadley, our residential volunteer, for the photos.

July 03   

02:48 - Day cam

04:22 to 04:51 - EJ lands on the nest / She stands on her lookout position in the golden morning light / A preen and a couple of chirps 

CC’s vid - Is EJ chirping?

05:27 - Scylla’s vid - Early morning mating for EJ and GJ

EJ stays on the nest, flexing wings, preening, chirping now and again

06:10 - Scylla’s vid - GJ flies in for another mating attempt

06:36 - Both gone

07:13 to 07:15 - George on the nest

Scylla’s vid - Unedited - GJ pays a quiet visit

07:02 - EJ catches a fish at the Aviemore lochan (Aviemore Ospreys confirm)   

07:29 - Alarm calls heard

09:28 - PTZ cam on, EJ in the Love Tree with her fish

13:22 - EJ flies off

Scylla’s vid - EJ mantles at shadow intruder, who touches down, GJ

MaryGK’s report and beautiful photos of her visit to LG today (Thank you, Mary)

Camera back to nest view

18:13 - EJ flies in with a stick

Scylla’s vid - EJ brings in stick, crop drops, helicopters, flies off

23: 46 - Night cam

Aviemore Ospreys - The aggressive male might try and keep the other males away...but he won't keep EJ away who just fished in perfect light. 7.02am.

Ronald Mitchell - “The most famous Osprey in Europe”fishing at Gordon’s this morning. Great morning despite the efforts of the aggressive one” (Cracking photo of EJ and fish at the Aviemore lochan)

Another beautiful photo of EJ taken by Ron Mitchell (Thank you, Mary)

July 02   

03:34 - Day cam

04:18  to 04:27 - George flies in to defend maybe (?), stays two minutes / He leaves / EJ lands on campost, then down to nest / She moves a stick / George returns, he lands on her back and hops off / Both stand back to back / No vocals, EJ flies off, he follows

Scylla’s snapshots &  vid - GJ to nest mantling, leaves, EJ to nest, GJ bonds, both leave

Scylla’s snapshots & vid - 07:30 to 07:38 - EJ to campost to nest to campost to nest, potters, leaves

09:39 TO 10:37 - PTZ cam on, EJ in the camera tree, she doesn’t have a fish in talon / She leaves

10:42 - PTZ cam on, EJ in the camera tree with the VC in the background

11:52 - EJ on the nest alarm calling, she seems to have brought a long stick

Scylla’s vid - 11:49 to 11:55 -  EJ to nest with alarm chirp, did she take big stick

EJ  back and forth several times

13:01 to 13:38 - PTZ cam on, EJ in the camera tree preening

13:40 to 13:48 - Nest cam on, EJ on the nest

Report from Emma S at LG on the PTZ camera

13:51 - PTZ cam on but it is stuck in one position, EJ’s head visible in the bottom left-hand corner

14:51 to 14:55  - EJ on the nest again / She flies round and lands on the campost / She flies round again and lands on the nest / She leaves

15:17 to 15:54 - EJ back on the nest / She tidies up / She flies to the camera tree / She is not quite visible, obscured by a branch

Camera seems to be frozen for a while

17:34 - EJ back on the nest, she tidies up

18:58 to 19:00 - EJ lands with a stick / Up to the campost

19:06 to 19:12 - EJ jumps down to nest from the campost, she mantles and pipes / George lands on her back and they mate, he leaves / George returns, both mantle back to back, no alarm calls, no threat around / He hovers and lands on her back / EJ stands very close to the camera, her back to George, he flies off

19:17 - EJ leaves

20:13 & 20:23 - EJ on the nest

21:35 - EJ back on the nest

Scylla’s vid - EJ’s evening 18:20 to 21:40, sticks, GJ mates twice

23:51 - Night cam

July 01

02:45 - Day cam

03:53 - EJ arrives quietly and mantles / George arrives for a paddle and successful mating

Scylla’s vid - Early morning mating for EJ and GJ

10:00 - EJ in the Love Tree with a fish   

16:39 - EJ is still there in the Love Tree eating  / She mantles, no calls heard, but nothing comes of it

She is still there

17:18 - Camera switched to nest view

23:03 - Night cam

Aviemore Ospreys - Great light and no mist and some spectacular action with some of the biggest dives I've seen this year, 6 ospreys in so far and EJ diving flying low around the water and missing a fish, might be close to the morning of the year and it's only 6.30am

Aviemore Ospreys - EJ after a miss this morning, captured by Charlie Davidson (stunning photo of EJ)


EJ and George mate early morning (Scylla)

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