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Cookie Policy [EN]
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Information on application of cookies

Here you will find an account on the application of cookies by SIA Structis (hereinafter – Structis) on the website

By visiting the website its visitor agrees to the saving of cookies on the website visitor’s end device and their further application under the cookies policy.

What are cookies and how do they operate?

Cookies are small-size files sent to the website visitor’s end device (e.g. computer, mobile telephone) by the visited websites. Cookies are saved in the file directory of the Web browser (e. g.  Firefox, Chrome, Safari), on the hard disc of the website visitor’s end device. Next time upon visiting the same website the visitor’s Web browser reads the cookie and supplies the information back to the website or element that originally has installed the cookie. Cookies pose absolutely no threat to the website visitor’s computer.  

What cookies are used by Structis?

In order to improve the website functionality and facilitate their use the following types of cookies are used on websites:

1) PHPSESSID - these cookies are used only by website administrators. They identify the website visitor as a unique user and after their return to the website assist in recalling the information on the visitor and operations performed by the latter before.

1) _ga un (_ga_*) - cookies of Google to serve ads and commercials and optimize the marketing communication. Information collected by the Google ads company may include, for example, the data on geographic location (derived from the IP address).

The cookie storage period on the visitor’s device will depend on the type of cookie.    

How to disable the saving of cookies or remove the cookies from the end device?

Cookies used by Structis don’t contain any personal data of the website visitor and cannot be used for the website visitor’s identification purposes. However, if the website visitor wants to limit (disallow) the saving of cookies on their end devices or delete the saved cookies it can be performed by using the Web browser settings.