SMHS SWAG 2018-2019                  Name:_______________________

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Option 1

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Option 2 (logo sized, left chest)

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Option 3

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Option 4

Option 5

These are the basic logo options. They can be adjusted to add a sport; for example, you could have SMHS FOOTBALL instead of SMHS MUSTANGS.

Gildan 50/50 Pullover Hoodie #1850

50% cotton/50% polyester. Choose embroidered or heat pressed, colour, size, logo option.

Gildan Premium Cotton Pullover Hoodie #G925

Choose embroidered or heat pressed, colour, size, logo option.

King 100% Cotton Pullover Hoodie #9011

Choose colour, size, logo option.

ATC 100% Polyester Pullover Hoodie #F220

Mustang Swoosh heatpressed on front. Choose colour, size.

ATC ¼ Zip Sweatshirt #F202

¼ zip sweatshirt with Mustangs logo embroidered on left chest. Choose colour, size.

ATC Lightweight Dynamic Heather Hoodie

Embroidered. Choose colour, size, logo options.

Gildan Unisex Sweat Pant #1820

50% cotton/50% polyester. Heat pressed MUSTANGS down the leg. Elastic bottom, no pockets.

Alphabroder Windshirt Jacket #88219

Logo on embroidered on left chest & MUSTANGS embroidered on the back. Choose size.

Kewl Twill Jacket

Embroidered logo on left chest. Navy with white trim. Choose fit, size.

CX2 Soft Shell Jacket

100% polyester, 3 layer bonded fleece jacket, wind and water resistant.  Embroidered logo on left chest. Choose size, colour. Sizes fit small.

Ptech Zip Hoodie

Full zip hoodie, 100% polyester. Embroidered logo on the left chest. Choose fit, size, colour.

Ash City Performance Zip

Embroidered logo on left chest in charcoal. No hood. Choose fit, size.

Alternative Pullover Hoodie #A12365

Pullover hoodie in t-shirt material, heat pressed MUSTANG swoosh. Choose size.

North End Long Sleeve Shirt

Quarter zip, performance top. Logo on front, name on sleeve, sport/activity on other sleeve. Choose colour, size.

Gildan Baseball Style Shirt #G570

Heat pressed with the MUSTANG swoosh. Choose size.

Gildan 100% Cotton T-Shirt #2000

Mustang T-shirt (not phys ed) with heat pressed logo. Choose size. Logo option.

Golf Shirt

Embroidered logo on left chest. Choose style, colour, size.

Toque #FP461

Mustang toque with pompom. MUSTANGS embroidered on brim. Navy/White/Grey.

Watchman Toque #AC1010

Knit hat in navy with SMHS embroidered on brim.

Extra Embroidery

Left Sleeve/leg _____________________        Right Sleeve/leg ____________________

Embroidery Cost ($5.00 for each item):  __________        

Total Number of Items Ordered:  ___________ Total Cost of Order:  _________________

Payment Method   Cash _____   Cheque _____   Online Payment ______

Name ____________________________________  Homeroom  ________

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