Coarsegold Resource Conservation District

Meeting minutes for: October 27, 2016, at 9:00 am - noon

CDC Conference Room, North Fork Mill Site 

  1. Open Meeting
  1. Pledge of Allegiance, roll call and self-introductions: In attendance: Jon Kilburn, Marcia Freedman and Anne Melrose. Joined by Curtis Travers and Johnny Siliznoff from NRCS.

   2.        Public Comment (Limited to 3 Minutes)

   3.        General Business

  1. Approval of Agenda -  approved by Anne, second by John.
  2. Approval of September 2016 Minutes-  The minutes have been approved and are posted.
  3. NRCS funded aide - Curtis explains that there was some confusion between a contibution and a cooperative agreement. Curtis is honoring our agreement as it should of been written as a contribution agreement without the matching fund requirement. A coop agreement only allows for 10% administration costs. This is a 2 year agreement for $35,000 and $5,000 in adminstration funding. There is a way to get funds in advance to help pay the radio station, who will be submitting their bills thru us. Requests will require Johnny’s signature and take about 4 days to get. There is interest in improving our relationship with the local tribal RCDs as part of this process. The agreement includes and additional $35,000 to transfer moneis to the radio station

        Action item: The board minus Anne need to meet in the next couple of week to work out their desires and processes for the position, a clear job description.

Action item: Anne will send the current list of deliverables for the grant to the board.

Action item: Anne will contact Sam Vang at 276-7494 x120 to discuss the radio show and their payment


        Action item: Anne will contact Johnny about setting up a direct deposit slip for us.

        Action item: Anne will work with Johnny on the payment request process SF270 (staff time and accomplishments).

  1. CARCD Speak Off-Regional on 10/19 approved up to $300 for expenses for our winner, Kayleen Brooks. We look forward to hearing how she does at the state level.
  2. Treasurer’s Report Approval- Marcia has managed to get the last 5 years of our financial records into Quickbooks in preparation for any future audit. The Quickbook baland and the CRCD records are in agreement. 
  3. CRCD Correspondence - none
  4. Cal Recycle Grant- 5 of the original 6 sites have been cleaned up. Keith Horton has been paid and we got over $800 in admin fees. They are still withholding 10% ( of 21,000+) . We still need to identify one site and find another one or two to add as we still have about half the grant left. Hopeful now that fire season has begun to subside Anne will have better luck reaching forest service people to assist with this. There is money for an ad in the Sierra star in the grant.

        Action item: Anne will share a draft of the ad with the board for comments and addtions.

  1. Kinsman Flat Grant - Anne has finally gotten the last documents that F&W wanted signed by Walt Bannon Drilling. We are waiting to here when construction of the windmill might begin.
  2. Approval to reimburse Jay in the amount of $999.12 to attend Annual CCARCD November 16 - 19th, $634.12 for hotel and $365 for registration.. - This felt like alot of money. We are looking for funding support from the CARCD. We hoped a cheaper hotel could be found in town. We approved $400 (1st John, 2nd Anne) towards the experience realizing we may need to approve more. Perhaps it could be part of the admin monies from NRCS.

        Action  item: Anne and Johnny will contact Karen Burr about possible funding to assist with this.

  1. November Meeting Date (falls on T-Day) - next meeting will be on December 1st at 9am.

  1. Discussion 
  1. Forest Preservation Grant - Anne has talked to Rick Fleming. There is a clean up trip of illegal grow sites in the National Forest scheduled for Nov 12- 18. They will take volunteers. The work is fairly hard and a good bit of hiking may be required. Anne is working with Keith Horton to see if any paid crew can be found. Grant fund with Y/S RCD will be used.
  2. Chuchansi Grant - done under the Kinsman flats grant
  3. Tree Mortality Grants - Anne, with the help of Roger Tucker has written a grant for $200,000 from the recent Calfire funds that were released. To include; fuel reduction in cascadel, emergency route protection and help to those in need of removing dead trees near their homes. We will hear in January I believe. Jay has also worked with Justine on a roughly $200,000 grant that the Y/S RCD would like us to manage. It involves tipping fees for the drop off of material at biomass facilities??
  4. Central Sierra Regional meeting - Jay attended this meeting in Auburn. Jay can you type in your story?

    5.         Agency/Partner reports

  1. Chuck Sikora - not present
  2.   Marcia FreedmanMarcia believe the Dinkey Collaborative has reached a point that her presence is not needed.
  3. Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) - It has been decided that Johnny will be our new district conservationist. Welcome Johnny, we look forward to working with you. Equip funds all open all year round. The boundary of no work for NRCS programs of 200 ‘ from one’s home has been reduced to 100’.

        Action item: Johnny will ask Denise to send the latest flyer on the program to us so that we can post it.

  1. Brittany Dyer - County Update - not present

    7.         Workshops/ Events/Presentations

There is a North Fork Biomass facility opening coming up. Date?? Take pictures.

Action item: Anne will share the date with Johnny.

    8.         Next Meeting: December 1st 2016 9:00 am  – CDC Conference Room, North Fork Mill Site

    9.  Topics to add to next agenda

  1. The donatation of money to N.F. garden program