Gabriella Miko

75 3rd Ave

#906C South

New York, NY 1003



& Software Skills

  • Exceptional Leadership & People Management skills
  • Great at creative thinking & problem solving
  • Enjoys group teamwork & collaboration
  • Excellent communication ability
  • Ability to work under pressure
  • Social media management & content curation
  • Keen eye for aesthetics and image composition
  • Extensive camera knowledge (DSLR, Mirrorless, etc.)
  • Excellent photographer & videographer!
  • Can bring own equipment
  • Web and tech savvy (requires little to no training)
  • Storyteller
  • Fast learner and very adaptable
  • Very goal oriented
  • Very skilled in following software:
  • Final Cut Pro
  • Da Vinci Resolve
  • Adobe Premiere Pro
  • Adobe After Effects
  • Adobe Lightroom
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe InDesign
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • AVID Media Composer
  • MS PowerPoint
  • Google Slides
  • Prezi

Creative Jobs

& Experience

StogaFilm / President


President of promotional, appreciation, and creative club for young high school filmmakers/film enthusiasts. Created and hosted the first all inclusive high school film festival with over 200 person turnout, coordinated two entire Senior Class lip dub music videos, managed all promotional social media accounts for films created by students enrolled in school TV courses, & and curated 

Ekiah Productions & Villanova Film Dept / Intern


Created promotional video content for Villanova professor Hezekiah Lewis’s Social Justice Documentary class, assisted/acted in Ekiah Productions shoots, transcribed potential feature scripts, color graded other Villanova student films, and performed general personal assistant duties.

The Folio / Senior Art Editor


Selected, led discussions, formatted, and designed both Winter 2018 and Spring 2019 issues for high school literary and art magazine using Adobe InDesign. Both issues found at

National Art Honors Society / Historian Executive Officer


Documented all NAHS events through photography or videography. Additionally helped create all NAHS Induction Night materials.

Fordiem  / Freelance Photographer & Videographer

July 2017 - PRESENT

Freelance photography business with extensive experience in portrait, lifestyle, and editorial photography. Videography experience and work specializing in short films, promotional videos, weddings, etc. Work can be found at or @fordiem on Instagram and YouTube.

Peer Mediation / Mediator Executive Officer


Executive Committee member for LINKS program, helping guide multiple freshmen groups through their first year of high school and promoting general school unity through many school-wide events and activities. Additionally helped individual specialized freshman LINKS with special needs. Received S.O.S., LGBTQ+, and general peer mediation training certificates.

Conestoga HS Marching Pioneers / Section Leader & Historian


Led Clarinet section (Senior year) and acting historian (Junior & Senior year). Performed across the country at U.S.S. Missouri at Pearl Harbor, Villanova Victory Parade, Disney World, and the National Memorial Day Parade in Washington D.C..  

American Music Abroad  / Honors Band


Traveled across Europe performing with honors band in many towns throughout Italy, Croatia, Slovenia, Austria, Germany, and Switzerland.

‘Stoga Theatre  / Hair & Makeup Crew


Hair and Makeup Crew for ‘Stoga Theatre production of The Mystery of Edwin Drood.

St. David’s Church  / Shephard’s Assistant, Child Caretaker


Assisted and led Sunday School rotations at local church using ROAR! VBS and Godly Play education styles.



Kumon  / Math & Reading Tutor


Assisted and graded worksheets in math and reading Kumon curriculum at local center.


New York University / Film & Television B.F.A.

AUGUST 2019 - MAY 2023,  NEW YORK,  NY

One year Tisch Track from LS Core program to Tisch Film & Television B.F.A.

Chapman University Summer Film Academy / Student Filmmaker


WHYY High School Journalism / Student Journalist


Conestoga High School / High School Diploma

AUGUST 2015 - JUNE 2019,  BERWYN, PA

Additionally enrolled and completed beginning, intermediate, and 2 years of advanced television production/screenwriting class.


WHYY Film & Media Award 2nd place for Young Journalism

(October 2015)

NATAS Mid Atlantic Chapter Emmy Award -- "Best Music Video"

(May 2017, May 2018)

1 National Scholastic Art & Writing Awards Gold Key

(March 2018)

3 National Scholastic Art & Writing Awards Silver Keys

(March 2018)

Ten Day Film Festival Top 30 in PA

(April 2018)

StogaFilm Festival "Best Director" winner

(April 2018)

NATAS National Emmy nominee for "Best Music Video"

(October 2018)

StogaFilm Festival “Best Cinematographer” winner

(April 2019)

Greenfield Youth Film Festival Best Cinematography

(May 2019)


Behind the Lens Film Festival Best Sound Design

(May 2019)

Behind the Lens Film Festival Best Cinematography

(May 2019)

National Scholastic Art & Writing Silver Key Award

(June 2019)

AP Scholar

(June 2019)

Creative Materials

“Finna Be Lit for the Holidays” (3 min)

Intermediate TV class, January 2017

For a free choice piece around the holiday season, I wrote, shot, directed, acted, and edited a music video which follows rapper “Ronnie G”, as he gets a little too excited about winter break. I also produced the music. This was submitted to the NATAS Mid-Atlantic Chapter High School Emmy awards, winning it’s category for best music video. The sequel also won for the same category the following year.

“When I See Myself” (44 sec)

Peer Mediation, May 2017

Video PSA for Conestoga Peer Mediation organization. Centers around diversity, acceptance, stereotypes, and tolerance within the high school environment and what classmates see when they look at themselves as opposed to what others see.

“The Best Worst Joke” (6.5 min)

Advanced TV class assignment, September 2017

First advanced TV class project about “a guy named Mark” telling an incredibly long joke in order to impress a girl in his class, and main character Mark plays almost every single character in the film. Won for Best Comedy category at the first annual StogaFilm festival.


Freelance, January 2017 - December 2017

I submitted nine portrait photographs to the National Scholastic Art and Writing Awards, all originally shot and edited. “Lauren” received the highest Gold Key award for the piece, a side profile shot against bright ligh ts. Additionally, I won 3 Silver Key awards for portraits, with additional honorable mentions.

“Hawt Koko” (6.5 min)

Advanced TV class, January 2018

Wrote, shot, edited, and directed the sequel to “Finna Be Lit for the Holidays”. Won the National Academy of Arts and Sciences student production Emmy award (Mid-Atlantic chapter) for best music video, and then nominated for the 2018 NATAS National High School Emmy Awards.

“Hunger” (5 min)

Advanced Screenwriting class assignment, April 2018

Co-wrote, shot, directed, and edited horror film about a struggling boy with cannibalistic tendencies as a lighting based assignment. Won for Best Horror category at first annual StogaFilm Festival.

Conestoga Marching Pioneers Promotional video (2.5 mins)

Freelance, May 2018

Shot and edited a promotional video for my high schools marching band, featuring interviews from various members of the marching band and a compilation of short clips and music played throughout the year. Shown at “Meet the Band Night” to prospective members.

“Where Is Kevin?!” (4 min)

Ten Day Film Festival submission, May 2018

Wrote, shot, and directed a comedy film in ten days for the Ten Day Film Festival about a whimsical detective trying to find a missing ultimate frisbee coach. Ranked top 30 in the state, and qualified for many Ten Day film festival awards.

Class of 2018 Senior Lip Dub (3 min)

School wide project, May 2018

Organized, wrote, and directed entire 2018 graduating class of 500+ students in a coordinated lip synced music video to “Magic” by B.o.B ft. Rivers Cuomo. Pre-production took around three months and the entire video was shot and edited in less than one day.

“Bea Mine” (15 min)

Chapman Summer Film Academy, July 2018

Third and final piece that I co-wrote and co-directed at the Chapman University Summer Film Academy, about Iggy, a rock-collector, starring in a film and falling in love with Bea, the girl of his dreams. Pre-production, filming, and post-production all occurred in less than one week.

“Letting Go” (2 mins)

College video application, September 2018

Co-write, shot, directed, and co-edited a short film with no dialogue about a brotherhood/friendship between two boys and the decision to let go after a tragedy occurs. Won for best cinematography at Greenfield Youth Film Festival, StogaFilm Festival, and best cinematography at Behind the Lens Film Festival.

“Inner Demons” (11.5 mins)

Advanced Screenwriting class assignment, October 2018

Wrote, shot, directed, and co-edited dark fantasy/comedy short about Cas Howard, a shy high schooler who meets his inner demon, Luce after taking a mysterious pill at a party. Additionally designed demonic makeup for the “Luce” character.

“The Composer” (4.5 mins)

Advanced Screenwriting class assignment, November 2018

Shot, directed, and edited drama short about Lee Novak, a composer who loses his family and goes to live with his abusive uncle. Won for best audio design at Behind the Lens Film Festival.

“Defeet” (1 min)

Advanced Screenwriting class assignment, December 2018

Co-wrote, shot, directed, and edited short dialogue scene set in post-apocalyptic world where foot size determines worth. Submitted under a set prompt to the Greenfield Film Festival.

“Detective Arbuckle and the Case of the Corrupt Wieners” (8 min)

Advanced TV class assignment, February 2019

A detective who can only inner monologue must find a way to solve the crime of the century after an heiress is blackmailed for her share of her family’s famous wiener company. Won for best Production Design at StogaFilm festival.

“No New Ideas” (15.5 minutes)

Advanced TV class assignment, April 2019

In a world where there are no more new ideas, juniors Justin, Will, and Jack attempt to ask out cool senior Betty Bingus to prom. Won for best Comedy at StogaFilm Festival.

Social Justice Documentary Promo Video (4 minutes)

Villanova University, April 2019

Promotional video for Villanova Professor Hezekiah Lewis’s Social Justice Doc class.

Class of 2019 Senior Lip Dub (6 min)

School wide project, May 2019

Organized, wrote, and directed entire 2019 graduating class of 550+ students in a coordinated lip synced music video to “Don’t Stop Me Now” by Queen. Pre-production took around three months and the entire video was shot and edited in less than one day.

M&A East Promo Video (2 minutes)

Freelance, August 2019

Promotional video for M&A East Convention held in October 2019.

“Alter Ego” (4 minutes)

NYU Writing I, November 2019

Writing I assignment centering on a young writer fantasizing about her alter ego.


WHYY Young Filmmaker Awards

(October 2015)

U.S.S Missouri at Pearl Harbor Performance

(April 2017)

American Music Abroad Bronze Concerts

(July 2017)

NATAS Mid Atlantic Emmy Awards


NATAS Mid Atlantic Emmy Awards


NATAS National Emmy Awards

First annual school wide “StogaFilm Festival”

(April 2018)

Chapman University Summer Film Academy Screening

(July 2018)

National Art Honors Society Induction Night

(October 2018)

Disney World Featured Cast Member Performer

(December 2018)

“The Folio” Literary Magazine “Inkwell” showcase 

(February 2019)

Second StogaFilm Festival, host

(April 2019)

Greenfield Youth Film Festival

(May 2019)

Behind the Lens Film Festival

(May 2019)

Chester County Art Association Showcase

(May 2019)

National Memorial Day Parade

(May 2019)