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Fortitude Equine
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The Cornerstone of Equine Wellness

Fortitude Equine is Full Spectrum hemp pellets made from raw, all natural, pesticide and chemical free hemp that is grown by a small group of handpicked farmers.  It is a high quality supplement with minimal processing.  This is important because the quality of hemp used in horse supplements **MATTERS**.

The benefits of feeding hemp to our equine partners are far-reaching and varied because of the many different naturally occurring compounds in the hemp plant.  It helps with stress and anxiety in nervous horses, to decreased inflammation in performance horses who are using their bodies to their fullest potential, the benefits are seemingly endless!

Every horse can benefit from Fortitude Equine

          Reduce anxiety and stress

          Relieve pain

          Neutralize stomach acid

          Bone & joint support

          Improve skin and coat health

          Boost immune system

I have been feeding Fortitude for 6 months and have been very impressed by the results:

        Fames Licorice Kiss - 19 year old

Licorice has arthritis in her knees from years of competitively running barrels.  The clinical signs included pointing of her front feet, pain and stiffness in the knee joint.  After feeding Fortitude her clinical signs have been significantly reduced.  She now moves more comfortably and she has become more active and free moving.  Her pointing has all but quit.

        French Licorice Kiss - 5 year old, just starting to be hauled and seasoned

Abu was extremely reactive and spooky which caused her to be very unpredictable in every environment.  Handling her was frustrating to say the least.  With Fortitude she has become a new horse.  Her ability to think and process information has improved tremendously.  Her sensitivity levels have decreased and her emotional stability is much better.  She is able to make a conscious decision instead of over reacting.  She is now adapting to different situations more confidently and has become much easier to haul and ride.  I am finally excited about her future!

Feel free to contact me to purchase Fortitude Equine or with any questions you may have.

Theresa Sorlie


Fortitude is the addition to your program you've been looking for!