Minutes:  February 12, 2018, Suburban Acres Civic League Meeting

Meeting called to order by Vice President Louie Gabriel at 6:35 pm. Pledge of Allegiance.  Vote taken by members to elect Louis Gabriel as the President of Suburban Acres Civic League.  Vice President position is now open.  Lori Cloud has resigned as league Secretary so that position is also open.

Welcome to a few other civic leagues who joined us tonight – Wards Corner Civic League, Monticello Village Civic League, and Roosevelt Gardens.

Karen Mayne and Louie presented Mary Ann Grogan and Diane Ruhl with a gift card for their years of service as the Treasurer and Secretary of S.A.C.L.

Community Resource Officer Report:  (Officer William Old III)

There were a few incidents in our area.  On December 15, 2017, the Tinee Giant was robbed.  A small amount of cash and candy was taken.

There have been several cars broken into around the Kenmore Avenue area.  Please lock your vehicles and take out any valuables.

Officer Old also spoke about the sexual assault that happen back in November 2017 on Yorktown Drive.  The assault was committed by an ex-boyfriend.

There was also a burglary on the 300 block of Suburban Parkway on January 19, 2018.  Still under investigation.

Guest Speaker:  Paula Shea with the Norfolk Department of City Planning.

Paula talked about the Wards Corner revitalization study, which is funded by a grant from the State and no city funds.  The study was kicked off November 12, 2017 and will go on for a year.  There are several options they are looking into regarding retail space, transportation options, and residential space. The study is looking at redevelopment that could happen over the next 20 – 50 years, and recognizes changes at Wards Corner will be incremental over time since all the property is privately owned.  The members of SACL want to see improvements now.  There was a Q and A session as well as an opportunity for the members to give some of their ideas to Paula on what they would like to see at Wards Corner.  Along with input from SACL, Paula has input from other neighborhoods surrounding Wards Corner.  Members also expressed concern that there is a lack of quality but affordable retirement communities in Norfolk.

You can go to www.norfolk.gov/WardsCornerStudy to see the progress and options for Wards Corner.  You can also contact paula.shea@norfolk.gov with any questions or concerns you might have on this study.

Louis Gabriel

(757) 587-5666