Aaron Sherman

Senior Software Engineer and Toolsmith: Gish Gallop and Resume

89 Prospect St

Somerville, MA 02143


Email: ajs@ajs.com

Areas of Expertise


Key Technologies


Python (2,3), Perl (v3-5, internals, library/module design, Perl 6 language design), C and C++, various smaller languages and language-like tools related to the above.


Linux/Unix like environment veteran (“gray beard”), RESTful application developer, some AWS experience, container-based development and language internals.


Work History

Tech Undebt Consultancy


Sept 2017 -

Self-employed software tech-debt consulting, software project evaluation and advisement focused on establishing internal competency and/or determining replacements for legacy software.

Cogo Labs/EverQuote

Senior Software Engineer

Mar 2012 - Aug  2017

Software toolsmith, focused on designing and building a custom reporting system in python, then transitioned to a spinoff company (EverQuote) to support/extend the tool. Some software version control and configuration management duties coupled with Python-based web-service and back-end design for reporting system mentioned previously. Most work done using Linux and MacOS.

AJS.COM Consulting

Software Engineering Consultant

Oct 2011 - Mar 2012

A combination programmer, release engineer and source code control manager for a small team focused on rapid development of Web-based, open source CRM application customization. My duties focused on producing tools for managing unit tests as well as deployment and training of git, Review Board, MediaWiki and a number of other helpful development tools. I was also tasked with writing the process and documentation for new developers on the team and routine administration of the above.

Freelance Android App Developer

May 2011 - Sept 2011

Authoring and designing revenue models for self-developed Android handheld-device applications.

A browser app for WikiMedia Commons Features Images and other media.

VMware, Inc.

Member of Technical Staff

May 2008 - April 2011

Member of the SCM team with responsibilities including

infrastructure and tool development

in-house application maintenance

Build infrastructure modularization

C/C++ code component build analysis

Support of geographically diverse developer build environments

ITA Software, Inc.

Senior Systems Engineer / Toolsmith

April 2001 - May 2008

Systems engineering, tool authoring, on-call, security, third party open-source dev.

ITA was a small startup when I arrived and grew into a thriving medium-sized company, purchased by Google 2 months after my departure.


Systems Architect

July 1999 - Feb 2001

Web software developer, manager of a small team.

Safety Net Solutions, Inc.

Senior Architect / Analyst

April 1997 - May 1999

Contract programming for DoT/FAA, INS, etc. focusing on Unix/Linux, Perl, C and C++.

Bank Boston (Now Bank of America)

UNIX Security Administrator

November 1996 - March 1997

Security administration, auditing tools author; technical editor, UNIX security standards coordinator.

I-Kinetics, Inc.

Consulting Services Group, Senior Consultant

January 1992 - October 1996

Financial-sector systems administration and programming; Perl training course author and trainer.


From 1988 to 1991

University and intern employment involving Unix software development and sysadmin

Independent Work

Video game economy tracking - Path of Exile, a popular “ARPG” video game, provides a real-time feed of its economic data. This served as an excellent platform upon which to demonstrate the general form of my data industry experience and python toolsmithing. Example code can be found at github.com/ajs/poefixer

Masonic Leadership: Leadership training through progressive offices in managing a Masonic Lodge, including executive leadership of a volunteer team, running monthly meetings, organizing committees, coordinating vendors, budgetary planning with treasurer and all-around cat-herding.

References Provided upon request.


data industry - This is a term that I use generically because I don’t have a good replacement. By this I mean everything from traditional interpretations of “big data” involving massive clusters of hadoop-based crunching to smaller-scale data curation activities present in nearly all companies. In my humble opinion, this sort of data work is its own sub-discipline of what used to be called “information technology,” but as that term has rapidly come to be associated with outdated approaches in monolithic industries, I try to be more illuminating, if not more exacting.

gish gallop - A rather silly term I use for the handful of buzzwords at the top, which some people never read past. If you’re reading this, then truly, thank you.

toolsmith - There are many industry terms these days for what I do. “Dev ops” has become popular, but is specific to operations, whereas I feel “toolsmith” is more generic and might apply to any in-house development of internal tools.

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