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Contactless Pick Up Process - New Protocols COVID19 - 2
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Contactless Pick Up and Drop Off Process           

We are looking forward to safely taking your dog out for a walk. Our goal is to limit the time spent in your home, uphold strict social distancing & hygiene protocols.

We are asking our clients to immediately notify us if someone is in the home is under quarantine or has flu-like symptoms, or has had contact with someone who has or has traveled to a COVID-19 hot spot.

DOGWALKS’ Contactless Protocols for pick up & drop off at client’s homes

Ways to expedite pick up & drop off

  1. Ensure dog is easily accessible.
  2. Have dog ready for walk/departure
  1. Front clipping harness on. We can take it off at drop off if you’d like
  2. Designated spot near the door, where walking gear is located.
  3. Contact info tags on dog (on flat collar or harness). Please have “I’m walking with Dogwalks” tag on your dog’s walking gear too. (We have more if you’ve lost yours)
  1. Usually dog runs to the door
  1. If not, have dog in area close to door
  2. If you crate your dog, please put crate as close to front door as possible
  1. If you are home and your dog doesn’t run to the door, please put on a mask, we will set our leash on the floor and then step back 6+ feet. Leash up dog and hand leash to handler.
  2. Staff will wear masks at pick up and drop off.
  3. Staff will carry paper towels and hand sanitizers in vehicles,
  4. Keep interactions short (please try to keep all conversations concerning your dog by phone or email -- we are here for you)
  5. If you are home, please stand at least 6 feet away from dog care staff
  6. Sanitize door knobs before and after we come to your home.
  7. We use our own leashes but if a leash hand-off is necessary keep the interaction quick (wearing a mask) and be sure to wash your hands after.
  8. Please make sure your dog has a full water bowl (or bottle if in a crate) so we don’t need to come inside to do a water check.

COVID-19 Industry Guidance: limited services from CAL/OSHA and CA Dept of Public Health (page 16)

We will continue to follow these protocols until the governor’s office indicates that it's safe to return to business as usual.

Click on this link if you’d like to find out more about our new staff and facility protocols.

If you have questions or concerns, please reach out to us at 415-517-1541 or email

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