Point your domain to Pegasus

Pegasus Gateway requires that you link your domain to our servers (IP addresses). This is done by adding an Address Record (A record) to your DNS Settings on your Webhost or Domain Manager.

The IP address is given to you by a DCT representative. You may choose to point a subdomain (example: gps.trackingworld.com) or a new domain (example: www.trackingworld.com) to our Pegasus Gateway servers. To get started, make sure you login to your Webhost/Domain Manager’s Control Panel (cpanel) and follow this tutorial.

If you need help finding your webhost or don’t remember who it is, you can use this website:

Network Solutions – Whois and look for the Name Servers

In this option we will point a new subdomain to Pegasus

Please note that the instructions may differ for your webhost, but generally you can find articles and ask them for support. For the purpose of this guide, we’ll use justhost.com as the webhost.

1. Create a Subdomain

Inside the cpanel you will have an option that says Subdomains

justhost Domain Manager

Create one like so:

Creating a Subdomain on Justhost

Pointing your Subdomain/domain to our servers

First find you DNS Zone Editor

DNS Zone Editor – JustHost

If you can’t find the DNS Zone editor you may have to upgrade your account or contact your Web Administrator.

You have to add a new Host Record to your DNS Zone Registry Editor.  In this case we add the host record track, here you put any subdomain you’d like.

Adding an A record to point to DCT servers

Once you have done this save the configuration.

Depending on the web host, in order for these changes to update we have to wait for the DNS to propagate throughout servers worldwide. The wait time can be anywhere from 8-36 hours. To verify if it’s updated please check the following website: DNS Checker

Once you have pointed your domain to our servers, you can confirm if this was successful by:

1. Going to your website and seeing a message that says “You have reached no site”

This is expected, and completely normal before finish setting up the Pegasus Gateway.

This is expected, and completely normal before finish setting up the Pegasus Gateway.

2. Another way to verify is by pinging the URL, the response is the IP address given to you by the DCT Commercial Representative:


Once this is done, please contact DCT Support to proceed.