Acting Up!

Grade Level(s): 2nd-8th        Class Hour: 1st         Teacher: Heidi Landrum

Class Min/Max: 4/20

Homework: <1hour/week

Class Fee: $20

Description: Acting Up is a theater class. The students will learn improv skills,

theater games and presentation skills. They will work together to learn and

present a play for HOPE. This will be performed at the end of the semester. This

class improves public speaking, team work, reading and much more!

Extra Class Needs: Highlighter

Advanced Piano

Grade Level(s): 3rd-8th        Class Hour: 1st          Teacher: Emilie Gilbert

Class Min/Max: 2/3

Homework: 30 minutes practice per day

Class Fee: $0 (unless you need the teacher to purchase piano book)

Prerequisite: At least 1 year of piano instruction

Description: Individual customized piano lessons for each student, and music

themed games for review.

Extra Needs: an assignment notebook, Faber piano books at whatever level

they are at currently

Beginning Contemporary/Lyrical Dance

Grade Level(s): 2nd - 5th Class Hour: 2nd  Teacher:  Gabby Hill

Class Min/Max: 4/13

Homework: Yes, one hour

Class Fee: $15

Description: Students will will learn the fundamental basics of ballet.

Extra Needs: 3 ring binder, black leotard, pink tights, skirt and ballet shoes (not point shoes)

Beginning Piano

Grade Level(s): 3rd-8th        Class Hour: 1st           Teacher: Joy Anderson

Class Min/Max: 3/3

Homework: 20 minutes of practice per day

Class Fee: $0

Description: Individual customized piano lessons for each student, and music

themed games for review.

Extra Needs: Faber piano books: Lesson, Theory, Tech/Artistry, Performance;

notebook to record assignments

Biographical Essay (Children's Book)

Grade Level(s): 5th-8th        Class Hour: 2nd       Teacher: Laura Cloutier

Class Min/Max: 5/15

Homework: YES: Plan to spend an hour or more per week. The more kids put into this,

the more they will get out of it.

Class Fee: $0

Description: This is a writing class geared towards middle school aged students (5th

to 8th grade). Each student will choose a person they admire to write a biographical

essay about. The person may be living or dead; famous or not. Students will research

the person on their own and use their findings to create a biographical piece on that

person. If they choose, students may turn this into an early elementary biography

with illustrations. Students will have the choice to self-illustrate, procure images, or

secure an illustrator if they choose the book format.

Students will learn writing fundamentals organically through the writing and editing

process as my writing classes are "workshop" style. I do not specifically teach

grammar etc. My main goal for students is to develop a love of writing and their

voice as a writer. I do not grade students; though I do provide constructive feedback.

Rather than a grade, I encourage students that they must see progress as a writer

from beginning to end of semester.

Homework and parent involvement: students must be able to work at home on their

own and bring writing assignments back to class as instructed. Students must be able

to keep track of their work from week to week, or parents must be willing to assist

them with this. If students do not keep track of their work and complete homework,

they will not get much out of this class; as with research and writing, time will be

limited. I communicate weekly via email with all parents and strive to ensure that you

are updated each step of the way to assist with this. I am also available to help with

editing papers outside of class via email.

Extra Needs: Kids will need to bring paper and pencils to write with. They will also

need to have books about their "important person" they want to write about to bring

to class the FIRST class! Papers will need to be typed in essay or children's book

format for the final draft so they will need access to a computer for typing. If they

choose to do a children's book format they will need to either A. Draw the art

themselves; B. Procure appropriate images from the internet; or C. Procure an artist to

do the work as illustrator.

Biology Labs

Grade Level(s): 9th-12th   Class Hour: 1st & 4th   Teacher: Elise Cotuna

Class Min/Max: 10/12 

Homework: Yes. Anywhere from one-two hours. This depends on how fast the student can write lab reports. 

Class Fee: $10/student

Description: Biology Labs: During this year, we will be working through the labs in the Apologia Biology textbook. Labs will range from inspecting specimens under microscopes to dissections to examining and classifying fruits and flowers. By the end of this course, students will have completed the lab requirements for Biology. However, this is NOT a full Biology credit; if students wish to earn a full credit, they must complete the Biology course at home. Students will also learn how to write lab reports and document the information noted during a lab.

Extra Needs: 1.        Access to Internet (researching for labs, etc.)

2.        A personal email (I prefer the student to email me rather than the parent. However, parents may be copied on emails sent to me.)

3.        A three-ring binder to store lab reports (If preferred, a student could use a two-pocket folder, with one pocket for graded labs and the other for ungraded labs.)

4.        Either:

a.        A one-subject notebook for recording data and observations

b.        Loose-leaf paper in a three-ring binder for recording data and observations


Grade Level(s): 5th-8th  Class Hour: 3rd  Teacher: Wilder

Class Min/Max: 4/10

Homework: No

Class Fee: $9

Prerequisite: None

Description: We will be practicing Calligraphy strokes and learning proper handling of a fountain calligraphy pen. Students who were with me last semester may try new styles of Calligraphy. If students are returning, please bring pen to class.  I will provide ink cartridges. New students will be supplied w a new pen and ink.

Extra Needs: An art sketch pad/good quality mixed media paper

Chronicles of Narnia

Grade Level(s): 3rd-8th       Class Hour: 4th        Teacher: Amy Savage

Class Min/Max: 5/15

Homework: None

Class Fee: $0

Description: This is a read aloud starting with "The Magician's Nephew". I will be using the study guide "Roar" and will have a game, craft or activity to go along with each chapter read. My hope is to finish "Magician's Nephew" in the fall and continue with "Lion, Witch, and Wardrobe" in the spring.

Extra Needs: None.

CPR and First Aid

Grade Level(s): 7th-12th      Class Hour: 2nd         Teacher: Clara Sowell

Class Min/Max: 5/15

Homework: 5.5 hours/week

Class Fee: $30

Prerequisite: Basic understanding of all 11 body systems. Understand what they do,

we will study each system further in class. Respiratory, Circulatory, nervous, digestive,

Immune, muscular, skeletal, integumentary, Endocrine, Lymphatic and reproductive.

Description: The purpose of this course is to help students identify and eliminate

potentially hazardous conditions in their environment, recognize emergencies, and

make appropriate decisions for rst aid care. Including but not limited to CPR

training, AED use, treatment of broken bones, skin irritants and brain injuries. By the

end of the class students should be able to satisfactory pass their CPR/First Aid

examination and get certified by the National CPR foundation.

(The price of the certification is included in your class fee).

Extra Needs: Notebook, Access to computer

Crafty Kids

Grade Level(s): 1st-4th       Class Hour: 2nd        Teacher: Emilie Gilbert

Class Min/Max: 5/15

Homework: None

Class Fee: $10

Description: In this class we will make a variety of different crafts. From colorful bookmarks, to sun catchers, to bowls made out of beads, and so much more, this class will be non-stop, hands-on fun.

Critical Thinking Fun

Grade Level(s): 1st-3rd   Class Hour: 1st  Teacher: Marlo McDonald

Class Min/Max: 3/10

Homework: None

Class Fee: $5

Description: An exciting interactive class to help students enjoy learning while boosting their critical thinking skills. We will use a variety of materials to increase students' skills with patterns, imagery, and logic, and we will incorporate a variety of cognitive activities, puzzles, games, and manipulatives. This class will challenge kids to think a bit more deeply while remaining a fun favorite of kids and adults alike. **Returning students are always welcome and will have new material tailored to them so they can continue to grow in their skill sets at their pace.

Extra Needs: general class supplies stated for grade level (pencils, etc.)

Current Events

Grade Level(s): 9th-12th    Class Hour: 3rd         Teacher: Jennifer Ware

Class Min/Max: 7/20

Homework: yes, 1 hour/week

Class Fee: $0

Description: We will be discussing current events through the lens of a Christian worldview.

Students/Parents may choose credit or not. There will be specific assignments and grades for


Extra Needs: none

Dystopian Literature

Grade Level(s): 9th-12th Class Hour: 3rd  Teacher: Betsy Clark

Class Min/Max: 2/12

Homework: Yes - We will be reading a book every 2-3 weeks.  Homework will consist of reading and test.  2-4 hours approximately

Class Fee: None

Description: Dystopia: A futuristic, imagined universe in which oppressive societal control and the illusion of a perfect society are maintained through corporate, bureaucratic, technological, moral, or totalitarian control.  Dystopias, through an exaggerated worst-case scenario, make a criticism about a current trend, societal norm, or political system.

This class will explore the genre of Dystopian literature and how these books reflect on our current world.  It is a discussion based class and meant to be a companion class to English Comp. As such, there will be no written assignments unless a student would like to receive honors credit.  Each student will take at home tests on each book to determine grades.  Quizzes may also be given at the beginning of class to ensure that the students are reading the books.  The student may choose a physical copy of the book, an e-book, or an audio book.  My concern is not how they read the book, but more that they actually do read it and can come to class prepared to discuss.

Extra Needs: *a copy or audio of each book: Fahrenheit 451, Brave New World, Animal Farm, 1984

*A computer or device to take test on (at home)

Something to keep notes or handouts in.

Edible Art Jr.

Grade Level(s): 1st-4th     Class Hour: 3rd         Teacher: Emilie Gilbert

Class Min/Max: 4/12

Homework: no

Class Fee: $15

Description: In Edible Art Jr. we will be playing with our food! We will make a variety of food based crafts like veggie bug snacks, graham cracker fish tanks, fun animal cupcakes, and modeling chocolate sculptures. I will provide all necessary ingredients for this class so no home prep is needed. I can not accommodate food sensitivities in this class. If you would like your food sensitive child in the class you would be responsible for providing acceptable materials for

them to work with each week.

Extra Needs: food storage box to bring creations home, and an apron or other type of clothing cover

English Comp Prep

Grade Level(s): 6th & up  Class Hour: 2nd  Teacher: Touchton

Class Min/Max: 7/15

Homework: Yes. The class is designed to be completed throughout the week. 3 hours

Class Fee: $0

Description: This is a writing class designed to prepare the student for English Comp 1 that is offered at Hope Co-op.  We will briefly review the 8 parts of speech, review the parts of a paragraph, and learn to write a 5 paragraph essay developed off of a Thesis Statement. We will, also be incorporating "Dress-Ups", and "Sentence Openers" similar to the teachings in the IEW curriculum. Homework is a big part of the class, and parent involvement in over-seeing the homework is strongly encouraged.

Extra Needs: 3 ring binder, paper, pen, highlighter

English Comp I

Grade Level(s): 7th-12th    Class Hour: 2nd     Teacher: Jennifer Ware

Class Min/Max: 5/15

Homework: yes - 4 hours/week minimum

Class Fee: none

Prerequisite: IEW or English Comp. Prep or equivalent approved by teacher

Description: Through instruction, modeling, and practice, English Comp I equips student writers with the structural (thesis and introduction-body-conclusion paragraphs) and stylistic (7 dress-ups, 6sentence openers, 5 decorations, transitions, and paragraph hooks) skills needed to write clear and compelling five-paragraph essays following many of the techniques presented by The Institute for Excellence in Writing, Level C. This class is a prerequisite for English Comp II, III, and IV.

Extra Needs: 2" 3 ring binder


English Comp III

Grade Level(s): 10th-12th Class Hour: 2nd  Teacher:  Gagne

Class Min/Max: 4/10

Homework: Yes. Your student will be spending a significant amount of time writing each week, probably a minimum of an hour a day.

Class Fee: $0

Prerequisite: English Comp IpI

Description: English Composition III is a continuation of English Comp I and II.  This semester will focus on short story writing and essay writing using curriculum developed by Beth Saadati. 

Extra Needs: 3 ring binder, access to a computer and printer and the internet.

Ethics for Littles

Grade Level(s): 1st & 2nd  Class Hour: 3rd  Teacher: Amy Savage

Class Min/Max: 6/8

Homework: No

Class Fee: $5

Description: We will read an ethic from the book 'E is for Ethics' and have a craft or activity that goes along with that ethic.

Extra Needs: None

Extreme Dot-to-dot Jr.

Grade Level(s): 1st-3rd    Class Hour: 2nd     Teacher: Cherie Crow

Class Min/Max: none

Homework: Only is not finished in class

Class Fee: $10

Description: Kids will complete a Dot-to-Dot each week. Will also learn about the topic each week while they complete the dot-to-dot. (For Junior class, puzzles range from 90 to 230 dots. Kids should know number basics, but don't need to be able to count to 230. We can work on it!)

Extra Needs: Pencil, colored pencils, dot-to-dot book (will be handed out first class, but needs to be brought to class each week)

Extreme Dot to Dot

Grade Level(s): 4th-6th   Class Hour: 4th     Teacher: Cherie Crow

Class Min/Max: none

Homework: only if not finished in class

Class Fee: $10

Description: Kids will complete a Dot-to-Dot each week (highest puzzle has 1,400 dots!). Will also learn about the topic each week while they complete the dot-to-dot.

Extra Needs: Pencil, Colored pencils, Dot-to-dot book (will be handed out first class, but must be brought back each week)


Grade Level(s): 9th-12th   Class Hour: 2nd  Teacher: Pam Gfeller

Class Min/Max: 2/20

Homework: At least 3-5 hrs weekly

Class Fee: $0

Description: The student will learn the basics of French grammar, pronunciation, and speaking. We will also explore the French culture and their delicious cuisine.

On se voit en classe!

Extra Needs: The student needs to purchase a French 1 textbook( BJU press). This book can be purchased at a discounted price at the BJ Educators Marketplace. (approximate cost is $30)

General Science Apologia

Grade Level(s): 7th-9th Class Hour: 4th  Teacher: Nikia Stevens

Class Min/Max: 7/18

Homework: 4-5 hours per week

Class Fee: $20

Description: Apologia designed their General Science curriculum to help transition your middle school student from elementary science classes to be prepared for high school science. The course is designed to be taken after 6th grade, but advanced 6th graders are welcomed! This yearlong science course is taught from a Christian worldview and covers topics including the scientific method, astronomy, geology, chemistry, physics, life science, biology, and many others.  

Since our class meets once per week, we will dedicate the majority of our time to lab exploration. We will briefly review the topics necessary to understand the lab. Prior to class, students will be assigned specific modules for the upcoming class. Students will be expected to complete the reading and modules questions before the next class. Students will be expected to complete their lab reports at home if time does not allow for completion in class.

Virtual Homeschool Group offers a free class using Apologia General Science. This course is self-paced and provides direct teaching, games, and automatic grading of tests and quizzes. Labs are included as extra credit for this class.  This free resource will help your student get the most out of this class! (This class uses the 1st and 2nd edition and is not necessary to complete the class but may be helpful for your family.) If you do not utilize Virtual Homeschool, I highly recommend purchasing the General Science Student Notebook, 3rd edition to help your student with at home learning.  The student notebook has places to answer the module questions, take notes, graphic organizers, and helps become more independent learners.

When class begins, students will be provided a schedule of the modules which will be covered in class. I will be using the 3rd edition of the book in class. The third edition is very different than the 2nd edition. Apologia has greatly improved this text! The modules have been reduced and refined to allow a 4-day learning schedule. Some topics in the 3rd edition which are not in the 2nd edition include: astronomy, meteorology, chemistry, physics, and environmental science.  Labs in the 3rd edition have been updated and improved. I understand that resources are limited. If you choose to use the 2nd edition of the text, you’ll need to do a little research when we cover modules not included in the 2nd edition. Students will be provided a lab guide in class.

Extra Needs: 1) Apologia General Science Student test, 3rd Edition

2) [optional, but highly recommended if not utilizing Virtual Homeschool Group: General Science Student Notebook, 3rd edition]

3) 1" 3-ring notebook

4) pen & pencil

Get Your Latin

Grade Level(s): 2nd-5th   Class Hour: 1st   Teacher: Dawn Hoffmeister

Class Min/Max: 7/9

Homework: 1 hr/week

Class Fee: $5

Description: The Latin Primer introduces you to our roots of English. There is review each week. A DVD presentation will help recite correctly the new lists. Practice is in class. Flashcards can be purchased at parents choosing.

Extra Needs: Binder .

Goofy Grammar

Grade Level(s): 1st-2nd   Class Hour: 1st    Teacher: Eileen Leine

Class Min/Max: 5/10

Homework: None

Class Fee: $5

Prerequisite: Know letter sounds. Light reading.

Description: Students will learn basic grammar skills through songs, worksheets and fun activities.

Extra Needs: Pencils, crayons, glue sticks

Grammar Games

Grade Level(s): 3rd-6th Class Hour: 2nd Teacher: Charissa Montanez

Class Min/Max: 6/12

Homework: None

Class Fee: None

Description: We will be learning and reviewing grammar concepts (parts of speech, prefix/suffix, and figurative language, etc) through the use of games like Bingo.

Extra Needs: None

Hands on Engineering

Grade Level(s): 5th-8th     Class Hour: 2nd & 3rd   Teacher: Jocelyn Dost

Class Min/Max: 8/20

Homework: Varies

Class Fee: $15

Description: Hands-On Engineering prompts students to understand and apply methodologies of design and engineering as they create innovative solutions to challenges. Each challenge requires students to think analytically, assess new situations and solve real-world problems. Students will work in teams to design and build boats, skyscrapers, wheelbarrows and more.

*The curriculum can be used as a supplement or full curriculum. Each week students will bring


"Extend the Learning" sheets with resources for project and activity ideas.

**Homework is unlikely, but will be assigned if we are not able to get through all of the

necessary material in class.

***The class will run for the year. Projects will be different in the second semester, however,

projects do build on one another so the class will be closed.

Extra Needs: 3-ring binder, notebook paper, calculator


Grade Level(s): 7th-12th     Class Hour: 3rd      Teacher: Roxanne Ervin

Class Min/Max: 5/10

Homework: 60-90 minutes/week. Mostly reading.

Class Fee: $10

Description: The broad topic of gardening will be covered over several classes, as well as livestock raising (chickens, hogs, cattle, goats, etc), food preservation, edible wild plants & foraging, beekeeping, etc. Please limit students to those that are mature and have a sincere interest. The class will be as hands on as possible, but will be limited to lecture some days, as topics and availability of a farm at co-op limit. Also, students will need access to Youtube at home for some homework assignments. Students will be required to read the text, which is a time commitment.

Extra Needs: Students need access to a small garden or large pots at home, the book The Backyard Homestead by Carleen Madigan, and a three ring binder.

HS Art

Grade Level(s): 9th-12th Class Hour: 1st  Teacher: Carla Hill

Class Min/Max: 4/15

Homework: 1 hour

Class Fee: $15

Description: HS Art will cover intro to drawing, painting, texture, sculpting and Art History.

Extra Needs: Sketchbook, drawing pencils and eraser

I3 STEM Research

Grade Level(s): 9th-12th (8th w/approval)  Class Hour: 1st   Teacher: Suzanne Phillips

Class Min/Max: 8/16

Homework: Yes, hours depend on credit sought

Class Fee: $40

Prerequisite: Physical Science or higher level science

Description: I3 STEM Research

What is I3? Inquiry that is individualized, integrated, and inspired.

This course’s goal is to help students discover a personal passion and Biblically-centered connection to the STEM fields through inquiry-based activities in and outside of class time. Based on their interests and skill level, students will develop research projects/experiments/prototypes of their own design at home to present to the class. In so doing, they will:

        -develop a research plan

        -make a proposal to be approved by parent and teacher

         -find a mentor when applicable

         -conduct a literature search

        -develop protocols and constraints

        -develop a materials list

        -create a budget

        -develop a timeline for work completion

        -work as a research scientist or design engineer

        -write a research report

        -demonstrate or present to the class their results        

Students will also have opportunities for:

        -group and independent work


        -critical analysis of how world view influences science

        -labs reports

        -competition experience

        -STEM current event discussions

This class can be used as honors coursework in combination with another science class, as an elective science, or as a stand alone lab science credit (cp or honors) provided the student completes enough independent study. They will be encouraged to enter their project(s) in at least one STEM competition. This class will consist of at least 5-7 hours of work outside of class each week for those who plan to count this as a full high school credit.  

Grades will be given based on a combination of class assignments and individual project choices. Outside costs for this class will vary based on the student’s chosen project(s) and the availability of field trip opportunities. Student-parent-teacher conferences will be held at the beginning of the year to set expectations for project based work.  There will be a class orientation on the open house dates for parents and students.

Extra Needs: 3 ring binder, composition notebook, internet access at home for research and accessing a web-based classroom, ability to attend outside field trips

Interpersonal Skills Class

Grade Level(s): 9th-12th       Class Hour: 2nd        Teacher: Joanna Stanley

Class Min/Max: 5/8

Homework: yes, no more than one hour

Class Fee: $0

Description: It's what Forbes magazine calls, "Power skills." Soft skills. Soft science. It's what Jesus did, taught, and gave us the foundation for. It's what AI and technology can never replace. It's what job recruiters specifically look for. It's what Harvard and MIT are beginning to teach. Google and other Silicon Valley companies now value this alongside tech skills. The answer:

Interpersonal skills. Do you want to love others more effectively? Do you want to stand out at a

job interview? Do you want to better understand others different than yourself? Do you want to

end conflicts well? Do you find it hard to understand yourself? Do you want to know what

makes you unique among God's creation? Do you feel alone in your perspective, as if no one

else is like you? Do you enjoy learning the many differences God made in people? Do you want

to better value others? If so, let's go on an exciting journey together! I'll meet you each week

with tips and ideas for better dealing with yourself and others around you.

Extra Needs: Folder for papers each week

Intro to Film Making & Editing

Grade Level(s): 9th-12th        Class Hour: 1st         Teacher: Cam Bish

Class Min/Max: Max 10

Homework: Yes (less than an hour)

Class Fee: $0

Description: In this class, students will learn the basics of film techniques with the goal of making a short film. Students will learn elements of film making including shot patterns, movie techniques, how to shoot and edit video, color correction, story boards and script writing.

Extra Needs: Cell phone or camera to take video. Editing software - can use a free software

Inventors and Inventions

Grade Level(s): 3rd-6th         Class Hour: 1st       Teacher: Julie Klaiss

Class Min/Max: 3/10

Homework: one invention or idea that you bring to class at the end

Class Fee: $5

Description: This will be a fun hands on history class; exploring the building blocks of past inventions in order to inspire the creation of new ideas! The hope of this class is to provide an opportunity for creative minds to get together and inspire one another. This class will be 􀂧exible to each student's interests as much as possible. Students will be encouraged to create one invention or written idea individually or collectively before the classes end.

Extra Needs:Be prepared to supply your own materials for one invention you create or design and explain.

It's All Fun and Games

Grade Level(s): 1st-4th         Class Hour: 4th       Teacher: Joanna Stanley

Class Min/Max: 4/16

Homework: None

Class Fee: $5

Description: There are many skills learned and great memories stored while kids are having fun. We will enjoy a sucker for the mouth and play-do for the hands while a fun chapter book is read aloud for the first half of class each week. Then, board games, cards games, Operation games galore will be scattered around the room for kids to choose what to play for the day. An adult will be guiding and overseeing each game being played. We'll have good fun!

Extra Needs: none

Journey to the Center of the Earth

Grade Level(s): 6th-12th         Class Hour: 1st      Teacher: Cherie Crow

Class Min/Max: 4/10

Homework: Yes, 2-3 hours

Class Fee: $10

Description: We will read “Journey to The Center of the Earth” by Jules Verne (The book is about 240 pages in Length. So approximately 20 pages will be assigned each week. Students should NOT read ahead). Vocabulary and/or comprehension questions will be handed out for homework to complete while reading. Class time will involve discussion of the homework and reading for the week.

Extra Needs: Pencil, Paper/Notebook, Book (will be handed out the first week)


Grade Level(s): 3yo  Class Hour: 1st - 4th  (All day -- parents pick up for lunch) 

Teacher: Jenn Deese

Class Min/Max: 5/10

Homework: None

Class Fee: $10

Description: Our Littles learn best when they are having fun!   Our K2/K3 class will offer play-based learning that incorporates age appropriate opportunities to develop an introduction to language arts, math, social studies, science, art and Bible studies. We will begin our day with the Pledge of Allegiance and Calendar time. Songs will be used to learn days of the week and months of the year.  We will use a spinner to select the current weather based on what we see outside.  We will cover the entire alphabet over the course of the year and will have a letter and color of the week.  Shapes, colors, counting (1-10) and more will be learned through hands on games and activities and arts and crafts will be based on the theme of each week to reinforce what we have learned. Fun, structured learning will be balanced with playtime, story time and music time.  If the weather is nice, we will enjoy PE on the playground.  Snack will be provided.  Parents are required to pick up students for lunch.  Please send a change of clothes, diaper bag/pull ups (if not potty trained) and a sippy cup each week and be sure to label all your child’s items.  

Extra Needs: Diaper bag/pull ups, extra set of clothes, sippy cup -- child's name on all

K4/K5 Pre-school

Grade Level(s): K4/K5         Class Hour: 1st-2nd  Teacher: Courtney Collier

Class Min/Max: 4/10

Homework: No

Class Fee: $5

Description: None

Extra Needs: We will be working on 􀂦ne motor skills and listening skills. There will be play time and structured learning time. We will be focusing on seasons and holidays.

Lego Club

Grade Level(s): 3rd-6th  Class Hour: 4th  Teacher:

Class Min/Max:


Class Fee:



Extra Needs:

Lego Club Jr.

Grade Level(s): 1st-2nd  Class Hour: 4th  Teacher:

Class Min/Max:


Class Fee:



Extra Needs:

Lego Science

Grade Level(s): 3rd-6th  Class Hour: 4th  Teacher: Sheri Cotuna

Class Min/Max: 3/10

Homework: None

Class Fee: $10

Description: Lego Science covers a variety of exploratory activities where students can learn about a variety of simple machines through building and testing projects. Students will learn the vocabulary and concepts related to simple machines as they complete the projects.

Extra Needs: None

Marine Biology

Grade Level(s): 3rd-6th  Class Hour: 3rd  Teacher: Marlo McDonald

Class Min/Max: 5/15

Homework: None

Class Fee: $15

Description: Get ready for loads of fun and adventure as we explore the inner workings of the ocean and the variety of life forms it contains, from some of the smallest of God's creations to the largest. Through stunning photographs, simple experiments, and interactive learning, the goal of this course is for children to explore and gain a greater appreciation for God’s creations of the sea. Children will also learn about tides, sea exploration, and seabirds.** I am happy to accommodate individual students by adapting material on an as-needed basis as well as providing additional material for those who want it.

Extra Needs: general class supplies they are supposed to have on hand (pencils, etc.)

Middle Ages Lit and Study

Grade Level(s): 5th-8th           Class Hour: 3rd       Teacher: Danielle Rogers

Class Min/Max: 5/15

Homework: 30 minutes - 1 hour

Class Fee: $5

Description: In this 12 week class we will be delving into Life in the Middle Ages! We'll be reading and discussing Adam of the Road and other Medieval literature. We will learn about different aspects of life in the Middle Ages and highlight those who made their mark. During the

semester we will break up into Guilds, creating art work representative of each. We'll explore

what it means to be a knight and how that translates into the Armor of God. All this will

culminate with an end of semester Medieval Feast! (this is not a class just for boys!)

Extra Needs: Not sure yet.

Middle School Art

Grade Level(s): 5th-8th         Class Hour: 4th        Teacher: Carolyn Weaver

Class Min/Max: 5/15

Homework: No

Class Fee: $20

Description: Middle School Art is an exploration of different types of art, media, and techniques.

Extra Needs: Multi-media Art Pad

Ninja Fitness

Grade Level(s): 1st-8th         Class Hour: 3rd         Teacher: Serena Biller

Class Min/Max: 5/25

Homework: none

Class Fee: $5

Description: Join me in becoming a little ninja and have fun playing pe games, learning ninja basics (punches, kicks, shoulder rolls, etc) including board breaking, obstacle course, and more.

Extra Needs: athletic clothing preferred each week

Not a Math Class

Grade Level(s): 3rd-6th  Class Hour: 3rd   Teacher: Joy Anderson

Class Min/Max: 5/12

Homework: None

Class Fee: $15

Prerequisite: This class is for Advanced 3rd grade and up. The curriculum suggests 9+.

Description: "Math and art, as different as night and day, right? Wrong! This is Not a Math Book shows how math can be beautiful and art can be numerical. Amazing patterns with a mathematical basis will be revealed as you follow the simple activity instructions. And you’ll learn incredible math facts as you draw the beautiful designs. A real eye-opener for kids of all ages with an artistic bent who think that math is dry and boring, while math enthusiasts will discover new ways to be creative." 

Extra Needs: Students MUST bring colored pencils, glue sticks and pencils EVERY Week! The book used will be bought with the class fee.


Grade Level(s): 0-1yo  Class Hour: All   Teacher: Deese

Class Min/Max:


Class Fee: $5



Extra Needs:


Grade Level(s): 2nd-5th  Class Hour: 2nd  Teacher: Lizzie Harper

Class Min/Max: 8/16

Homework: None

Class Fee: $5

Description: This class is designed for elementary children to have fun while learning the fundamentals of a traditional sport as well as enjoying fun play yard games.  The focus will be to build self-confidence through sports as well as teach the importance of teamwork and encouragement all while being active.

Extra Needs: None

Performing Arts

Grade Level(s): 8th-12th       Class Hour: 4th        Teacher: Courtney Collier

Class Min/Max: 6/20

Homework: Yes -- depends on student

Class Fee: $20

Description: Performing Arts will spend first semester focusing on the staging side of theatre. We will also play acting games, work on acting skills, and give the students some time to be creative. We will pick our script for second semester, have auditions, and give parts by the end of October. Any homework, class participation, tardiness to class, unexcused absences, and attitude will go toward their final audition.

Extra Needs: None


Grade Level(s): 7th-12th  Class Hour: 1st  Teacher: Holly Harrison

Class Min/Max: 6/12

Homework: Yes, 1/2 hour +

Class Fee: $10

Description: Students will learn and implement a new camera function as well as a new rule of composition each week.  They will then apply the concepts learned in class to their own creative vision of their homework assignment.  Homework will be uploaded each week via home computer to be viewed at the beginning of each class.  We will cover key terms, camera maintenance & care, modes & functions of the camera, and how to put newly learned material into practice using rules of composition. We will end the semester with a portfolio of work to be shared.

Extra Needs: Students must have a DSLR camera of Canon or Nikon brand, and have working internet with ability to receive emails and upload weekly homework assignments to Dropbox.

Play Your Way To Success

Grade Level(s): 5th-8th         Class Hour: 1st        Teacher: Pam Gfeller

Class Min/Max: 7/15

Homework: None

Class Fee: None

Description: Did you know that some of the best learning takes place when you are playing?

Yep. You play; Mom is happy with what you are learning. It’s a win-win! Whether you like word

games, strategy games, silly games, or skill games, you will definitely have fun with this class!

We will briefly discuss what each game helps us learn, then dive into the fun! Some days we

will play group games and other days you will choose which type of game to enjoy for the

morning. I will have bags of chocolates and sugary suckers to help you wake up and have fun!

See you in class!

Extra Needs: None

Senior High Art

Grade Level(s): 9th-12th Class Hour: 4th  Teacher: Kim Russo

Class Min/Max: 4/12

Homework: Only if assignment is not finished in class

Class Fee: $20

Description: My goal for this class is to expose the students to as wide a variety of art media as possible. This will include lessons in painting, sculpting, Lino block carving and stamping, stained glass, pouring mediums, working with resin, and much more. I welcome feedback from the students on what they would like to gain more experience in as well.

Extra Needs: None

Service Hours

Grade Level(s): 9th-12th      Class Hour: 4th        Teacher: Dawn Hoffmeister

Class Min/Max: 7/7

Homework: None

Class Fee: None

Description: Students need to have oversight for doing service hours . They will receive a certificate for accomplishing certain hours of work at co-op.

Extra Needs: None

Signing Songs

Grade Level(s): 1st-4th  Class Hour: 3rd Teacher: Sarah Ware

Class Min/Max: 4/10

Homework: ½ hour to practice

Class Fee: None

Description: Learning basic  signs as well as techniques for signing songs using ASL

Extra Needs: None

Snap Circuits

Grade Level(s): 1st-3rd   Class Hour: 4th   Teacher: Holly Harrison

Class Min/Max: 7/12


Class Fee: None

Description: Snap Circuits makes learning electronics easy and fun. Students will be introduced

to electronics and build projects using snap circuits such as AM radios; burglar alarms; doorbells

and much more. All parts are mounted on plastic modules and snap together with ease. Hands

on experience designing and building models of working electrical circuits.

Social Dance

Grade Level(s): 5th-12th   Class Hour: 4th  Teacher: Clara Sowell

Class Min/Max: 6/25

Homework: 2 hours per week

Class Fee: $10

Prerequisite: None

Description: This class is for beginner/basic level social dancers who wants to learn to dance comfortably to a variety of music. You will learn basic Ballroom Smooth patterns in Waltz, Foxtrot & Tango and Rhythm patterns in Rumba, Cha-Cha, East Coast Swing, salsa and hustle. This class requires partner dancing and we will be showcasing on the last day of co-op, during afternoon of enrichment. Each semester I will focus on 2 dance styles. One smooth and one rhythm. Dances for this semester TBA. Please keep in mind that I will be scheduling 2 additional practice/Dance party times during the semester.

See you on the dance floor!

Extra Needs: An extra dose of energy!

Socratic Discussion

Grade Level(s): 5th-8th         Class Hour: 2nd       Teacher: Devin Ascheman

Class Min/Max: 6/15

Homework: None

Class Fee: None

Description: We will read together a short passage from an important work from an author such as Thomas Jefferson, or Plato and then I will facilitate a discussion using the Socratic Method.  This involves asking the students questions to ponder on their own or in groups and then coming together as a class to discuss the topics brought up through the system of questioning. This class allows students to develop their own thoughts or opinions on important subjects and to practice speaking in front of others.  I will be using the Touchstone discussion project materials.

Extra Needs: Pen or Pencil and a folder if desired

Spanish 1

Grade Level(s): 9th-12th         Class Hour: 3rd     Teacher: Clara Sowell

Class Min/Max: 5/15

Homework: 10hrs.

Class Fee: $15

Description: Spanish I- Will provide the student with a general introduction to the Spanish language: sound system, pronunciation, functional vocabulary related to everyday life, cultural information and basic grammatical structures. Students will also develop a foundation in reading and writing laying the foundation for further study of the language. The course emphasizes understanding and practical application rather than rote memory. Foremost is to give the students the ability to carry on basic and necessary conversations such as asking for help, ordering food and everyday greetings and topics.

Please note: Our end of semester activity will be to go out to lunch. We will visit an authentic

Hispanic restaurant where the students will be required to order and communicate only

Spanish for a final grade.

Extra Needs: Notebook, Access to a cellphone( For Duolingo app), Access to computer

Theater Productions

Grade Level(s): 9th-12th  Class Hour: 4th Teacher: Hill

Class Min/Max: 0/NA

Homework: None

Class Fee: $5

Description: Theatre Production class will spend 1st Semester with Performing Arts learning the basics of Theatre history, Stage and set design, tour a backstage set and begin Production of set for drama.

Extra Needs: None

The Truth Project

Grade Level(s): 9th-12th         Class Hour: 3rd      Teacher: Joanna Stanley

Class Min/Max: 5/12

Homework: Yes, follow through the Bible Study guide, approximately one lesson every two co-op weeks.

Class Fee: None

Description: Are you trying to figure out if the Bible is true? Is God really like He is described in the Bible?

How can you know what to believe with so many differing ideas? Or maybe you know that the

Bible is true, but want to know how to communicate it clearly and with confidence. Wherever

you are in your journey, come travel with us through this Christian worldview video course. It's

the perfect starting point for looking at life from a biblical perspective. There are 13 engaging

video lessons on the relevance and importance of living the Biblical worldview in daily life. This

is a year-long video and discussion-based class. Come wrestle through some difficult thoughts

with us and prepare to be amazed and overwhelmed!

Extra Needs: The Truth Project Study Guide, please have it on the first day.

Unwind Movie Time Class

Grade Level(s): 1st-2nd   Class Hour: 4th  Teacher:

Class Min/Max:


Class Fee:



Extra Needs:

World Geography and Cultures

Grade Level(s): 9th-12th Class Hour: 2nd  Teacher: Sheri Cotuna

Class Min/Max: flexible

Homework: Yes - the class is intended to count as .5 to 1 credit. There will be about 1-2 hours of homework per week for .5 credit with options of additional homework for 1 full credit.

Class Fee: $10

Description: We will be using McGraw Hill's World Geography and Cultures as a spine and we will use Kiss, Bow, or Shake Hands as a supplemental resource. I will provide access to Kiss, Bow, or Shake Hands along with a variety of other resources. The students will be expected to complete the class with the knowledge of where countries, regions, oceans, etc. are in the world. However, the primary class focus will be on learning about a variety of different cultures and how to successfully navigate cross cultural connections.

Extra Needs: *World Geography and Cultures (McGraw Hill Glencoe) - used copies are readily available. Access to a computer for homework

World History

Grade Level(s): 9th-12th     Class Hour: 3rd & 4th      Teacher: Charissa Montanez

Class Min/Max: 5/?

Homework: 5-7 per required for HS Credit

Class Fee: $10

Description: This class covers the history of the world beginning with New Testament Rome to Modern Day with a focus on key events, significance, critical thinking and cause/effect.

Extra Needs: 3-ring binder, access to Amazon Prime Video is preferable but not required

Worship Team

Grade Level(s): 8th-12th   Class Hour: 1st   Teacher: Lizzie Harper

Class Min/Max: 6/10

Homework: 30 minutes

Class Fee: $10

Prerequisite: Completion of the worship team form and video sample of either vocals or instrument the student desires to play.

Description: This class focuses on learning the heart of worship and leadership. Through the study of music and Scripture we will be learning how to serve our fellow student body through song. Most of what we do will be practicing modern day worship songs to sing and lead the Hope student body in worship at chapel each Friday, but our primary objective is to develop a heart of worship in each student.

Extra Needs: 3 ring binder, pencil, instrument if applicable


Grade Level(s): 7th-12th  Class Hour: 3rd Teacher: Carla Hill

Class Min/Max: 4/12

Homework: 2-4hours

Class Fee: $10

Description: Yearbook class will learn how to design a yearbook,sell ads and complete 2019-2020 Yearbook.

Extra Needs: Computer 

Class Name

Grade Level(s):   Class Hour:   Teacher:

Class Min/Max:


Class Fee:



Extra Needs: