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Building a wall by Donald Trump

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Chapter 1

Donald Trump was at home and then he drove to the election he won the election so he had to say a speech he said WE WILL BUILD A WALL AROUND THE MEXICO BORDER(I think it is). He got a lot of question saying do u like Hillary Clinton but he did not answer he went back home and had a party there was a lot of people at the party. Later that week he was planning to build his wall it was very small at first the first layer was made of gold if the builders did not finish it in a year he would execute them in front of there family. Trump soon went home to his home the builder was staying up all night building the wall because Trump said to do it. The builders were so tired by time the mourning came along but they loved being builders so they decided to stay loyal to Mr Trump otherwise they would lose there jobs they loved doing.

Chapter 2

The wall was a quarter done the gold layer was done and Donald Trump let the builders go home after 1 day with no food water and sleep and seeing there family.

Donald Trump went home too to see his family and then the doorbell rang it was Hillary Clinton Donald Trump did answer the door but not politely and when Hilary sat down he said get back up NOW!!! Hillary did not answer then she left the.

2 years later the wall was finished

‘’YAY’’ said Trump

The End