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FOW Taskforce Signing Press Release AUG '21
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With Governor’s Signature, Illinois Begins Task Force to Explore the Future of Work

CHICAGO, IL -- Governor Pritzker today signed a bill to establish a Future of Work Task Force in the state of Illinois. The Illinois Future of Work Task Force Act (HB 645) was sponsored by Senator Ram Villivalam and Representative Marcus Evans Jr.. It creates a 29 person Task Force to analyze major economic shifts and emerging technologies, and prepare policy recommendations that help the state to combat the worsening crises of poverty, inequality, and climate change.

Over the next nine months, the Task Force will conduct 7 public meetings, and at least two town hall roundtables covering topic areas including: new challenges and technologies reshaping work; low wages and growing economic inequality; skills and workforce development; and, explore short- and long-term policy solutions. The Task Force members will be appointed by the Governor, the Senate President, the Senate Minority Leader, the Speaker of the House, and the House Minority Leader, and will hear from statewide and national leaders in the academic, tech, business, foundation, labor, and non-profit sectors.  

The Future of Work Task Force will culminate in a report identifying the main problems facing workers and businesses of the future, and that outlines potential policies and action steps appropriate for a diverse range of stakeholders. University of Chicago’s Inclusive Economy Lab will be the academic partner, responsible for drafting this report that will be presented to the Illinois Legislature by May 1, 2022.

“Even when times are hard, especially when times are hard, we have to invest in the things that lift up our communities. I’m proud to sign this bipartisan legislation into law today, establishing an additional resource that will help Illinois’ working men and women prepare for the jobs of tomorrow,” said Governor JB Pritzker. “Through the Illinois Future of Work Task Force, the state will develop initiatives that can help return residents to the workforce or help already employed workers get the most out of their career.”

“As we emerge from a pandemic that has exposed how fragile and vulnerable our economy is, the Future of Work Task Force allows us to chart a path forward that meets the needs of future workers and employers,” said Harish I. Patel, Director of Economic Security for Illinois. “Whether it’s safe working conditions, fair pay, or a modernized social safety net, we want to advocate for policies that ensure Illinois is home to the most equitable and inclusive economy in the country.”


“The future of work is now; and working people across Illinois are counting on us to create an economy that works for everyone,” said State Senator Ram Villivalam. “The Future of Work Act will continue to make Illinois a leader in building an equitable future for working families by establishing dignified standards of work, while ensuring that existing and emerging industries continue to grow.”

“The citizens of Illinois must be prepared for the demands of the innovative workforce of the future. As leaders, I believe that we must ensure that the regulations and policies of the future effectively promote job growth, while protecting the working class. I’m proud to work alongside Governor Pritzker and my colleagues to make Illinois a workforce destination,” said State Representative Marcus C. Evans, Jr..


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