This one WAS fun

But with recent constrictions from the admin. We have depleted our available funds finally

110% profit limit of deposit amount.

The rule used to be 2.4 X total added funds. Things change, evolve for sustainability or something like that. It has been a roller coaster in the crypto world, yet Adscrypto is sticking around.

Currently they are not accepting new funds.

And their daily max withdraw is 0.01 btc which we have been doing for some time.

Since the ad packs mature at 125% and we are able to only withdraw 110% then we will have some funds in limbo.

We could either wait it out for admin to make a change, or we could purchase some advertisements . . .




One major flaw/challenge with this option, you are required to promote https only site. Which put a limit on my choices on what to promote.


Websites ( the 10 daily ads)

Not good. These ads were placed in May and April. View count is way slow. But still ticking along.

Regular Banner

Well, I am excited I got clicks. Lol

And the industry standard is 0.03% so this is decent.


All in All,

We are waiting for deposits to open up again.