School Council Minutes    - January 11, 2018

In Attendance: Lauren Tschaja, Hugo McCarthy, Sheri Hopkins, Lynette Coish, Janet  Bartlett, Carla Roberts, Roger Butler, Christine Rideout

  1. Minutes from the previous meeting were accepted by Carla Roberts and second by Roger Butler.

  1. School Update from Principal
  1. School Development Plan Update

● School development is status quo. The focus at school right now is preparation for mid-term exams, starting on Jan. 29th.

●Hugo M. suggested an update on the school website to include links to tutoring, CDLI, study tips, etc. He also had a copy from WVH to illustrate the point. Lynette C. had designed a map to help students set up CDLI at Q.E. She offered to forward this for our school use.

●Carla R. was excited to announce that PWC will get 630 new lockers by March 2018. This will be communicated to parents and Staff.

●Attendance meetings with Administration and Guidance will continue with families regarding attendance issues. This is an active part of School Development. PWC is following School Board policies for attendance. The attendance of every child in the school is reviewed. If there are attendance issues, letters are sent to parents and a support plan is started to help students return to school. Christine R. is accommodating some of these students through the PASS program.

●Sherri H. indicated that parents want to know exam results and suggested posting comments online to communicate after exams.

  1. Fund Development Committee

●Hugo M. spent time in the Archives room and reviewed material. He complimented Graham Horwood’s commitment to providing such a well-organized collection.

●A meeting is scheduled for January 29th at 6pm  in the Archives to review material. The Alumni Fund is ongoing. The plan is to ask Alumni for financial support. The goal is to have a firm commitment that will provide sustainable long term funds that will be used to enhance school experience and pride.

C) Prom/Safe Grad/Committee Update

● No details disclosed yet. Parents are part of the Prom Committee this year. Plans are ongoing and there is much discussion around the event. Updates to follow.

D) Student Council Update

●Lauren T. reported that Student Council brainstormed ideas for a student survey to find out  student concerns  at PWC. A rough draft will be available after exams and School Council will see this before it goes to students.

●Lauren T. reported that one of the main issues is bathrooms. Specifically that bathrooms are old, graffiti is sometimes present but being painted over, and space between stall doors seems big. Carla R. has strengthened to regional manager the issues surrounding bathroom stall doors.

●Two self contained gender neutral washrooms have been created from the old male washrooms downstairs.

Other items were: Desks, books for LRC, jerseys, parking, pot holes, heaters, A/C, keyboards, lockers (getting new lockers)

●Carla R. assured that these are all priorities and are on the maintenance list and being addressed.

●Discussion regarding windows took place. There is a very small opening. Windows no longer open all the way. Roger B. reported that he did a walk through with a person from District office concerning this, but no change occurred. Jim Sinnot may know who is responsible.

  1. New Business
  1. Principal’s list and honour roll

●There will be a review meeting with Cap and Gown committee in the coming months. Committee members agreed that it is important to celebrate student achievement and excellence.

   B) Prom Update

        ●Focus for Prom has been changed. 8 parents have taken over organizing the Prom. Teachers will work with the student committee. Remax Centre has been booked for May 11th. A PD day is scheduled for that day.

C) School Council Vacancies

●There are currently 13 of 15 members. Darrell Wells is no longer on School Council. 2 more parent reps are needed. It was agreed to put this on the website and put out a call for interest.

D) Other

●Teacher Appreciation Luncheon.

School council will provide lunch for teachers on March 12th during a professional development plan and possibly set up tables in the LRC!

Meeting Adjourned at 5:45. Next scheduled meeting is Feb.1, 2018 at 4:30.