Veterans Honor Flight of Southern Illinois - Donation Policy

Donation Policy

Last Revised: April 6, 2019



Veterans Honor Flight of Southern Illinois (“VHF”) is a non-profit organization based in Marion, Illinois which provides free flights to Washington D.C. for United States Veterans to view the memorials built in their honor. 100% of the flight is donated to the Veteran, ensuring Veterans have no cost to them. VHF uses donations to fund the flights. Costs include aircraft charter, bus charters, meals, clothing, office supplies, training, and veteran gifts. VHF and the Board of Directors aim to ensure the maximum amount of donated funds go directly to Veterans. For this reason, VHF has no employees and does not provide compensation to members of the board or those working on behalf of VHF.

VHF accepts donations at Veterans Airport of Southern Illinois and designated satellite donation facilities. Donations may also be made online at

All donations to VHF are equally used to fund VHF activities and business costs. Donations may be made in the form of sponsorship. VHF may choose to recognize sponsors in various ways.

Sponsorship recognition does not imply or guarantee the use of donated monies.

VHF and the Board of Directors make every attempt to be transparent with the use of donated monies. Donations and expenses are reviewed monthly at the meeting of the Board of Directors. The public is welcome to attend.

VHF, in accordance with the policies set forth by The Honor Flight Network, reports financial performance to The Honor Flight Network annually.

Guardian Fees

Guardian fees are collected for each flight. The guardian fee covers some of the cost of the guardian’s travel in order to ensure other donated monies are spent on veteran travel to the maximum extent possible. Guardian fees are donations to VHF.

Guardians may be sponsored by other individuals or entities. For sponsorship, the guardian or sponsoring entity must present payment, in the proper amount, to VHF with specific instructions to apply the donation to the guardian fee for a specific individual. Guardian sponsorships may not be made without the name of the traveling guardian attached to the sponsorship.

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