Tairangi School Procedure Statement

SUN SAFETY        NAG 5 Health & Safety

The following procedures are to be followed by the school:

  1. Through the newsletter the school will increase community awareness of melanoma and practical way of protecting skin damage.  The school will seek to involve parents to support sun protection procedures and will regularly remind them of these.
  2. Children will be required to bring and apply sunscreen twice while out on EOTC events.  School will provide SPF 30+ broad spectrum to children without their own. This will be written on the Safety Action Plan
  3. Students will be encouraged to wear appropriate clothing to protect their skin from sun damage.  Students must wear sun hats during Term 1 and 4.  If they are not wearing sun hats they will be required to stay under a sun shade.
  4. The library will be open and supervised during lunchtimes to provide a cool space to go to if they choose.
  5. Staff are  requested to role model appropriate SunSmart behaviour.  Staff are required to wear sun hats while outside in Term 1 and 4.
  6. All students will eat lunch in a shady area such as a classroom, a porch area or under the sunshade.
  7. Teachers will promote and teach children about sun protection, at the start of Term 1 and Term 4, as part of the Health Curriculum.
  8. Parents will be made aware of this SunSmart procedure when enrolling their children and it will be available on the school’s website.
  9. We will encourage P.E and outside activities to be scheduled outside of peak UV times wherever possible.

Reviewed July 2014

File:Shady5.doc        Procedure Statement – Shady School